Over-the-phone interpreting service supports the country’s largest social welfare provider by managing surges in call volume

Case Study 34 | OPI Volume Surge


United Language Group’s reliable over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) services and highly qualified network of interpreters resulted in ULG being selected as the social welfare provider’s sole telephonic interpreting provider. The results? A lasting partnership that seamlessly handled high call volumes and continues to support the organization’s needs above and beyond the original contract.

The largest social welfare provider in the United States provides benefits and services to over 69.1 million beneficiaries. The social programs offered by the organization cover retirement, disability and survivor’s benefits.

Chapter 1


The organization needed a language service provider that offered OPI services in over 180 languages. It was essential for the contractor to be able to manage high call volumes and spikes in usage during peak call periods. Additionally, the organization has a strict linguist vetting process, so the interpreters must fulfill many requirements and meet high standards.

United Language Group (ULG) was carefully and diligently assessed by the organization and was ultimately awarded the contract. ULG was selected over many of the world’s largest OPI providers because of the high standards they set for their interpreters and their proven ability to effectively manage call surges.

Chapter 2


ULG’s technology, scalability and capacity provided the ideal solution for addressing the organization’s needs. Because the ULG team offers customized solutions for every client, they were able to successfully meet the organization’s unique and specific requirements.

ULG’s robust redundancy capabilities enable them to switch carriers at any time in order to prevent delays or downtime and provide uninterrupted service and business continuity. Additionally, ULG’s flexible OPI dashboard allows for the collection of unique and relevant data points and facilitates the client’s informed, data-driven decision-making process.

Chapter 3


The OPI solutions offered by ULG enabled the organization to seamlessly transition its volume without any problems. Ultimately, ULG’s broad network of interpreters and reliable technology resulted in the following Average Interpreter Connection Times:

  • 15 seconds for Spanish
  • 30 seconds for all other languages

Because of this fast and reliable service, the social welfare provider has continued to trust ULG as its sole partner for telephonic interpretation. ULG’s technology creates the opportunity for clients to tailor their over-the-phone interpretation and collect the most relevant data.

Additionally, ULG’s vast network of thousands of interpreters receives specialized training and undergoes continuous quality monitoring in order to ensure that the organization’s high standards are being met and that they are following proper security measures.

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