Over-the-phone interpreting for the country’s largest welfare program delivers security and reliability

Case Study 30 | Social Welfare Program OPI


Discover how United Language Group’s unique solutions allowed the largest social welfare provider in the country to better serve the public and ensure reliable and secure connection with qualified interpreters.

The largest social welfare program in the United States administers benefits to more than 49 million beneficiaries of Retirement, Disability and Survivors Benefits under Title II of the Social Security Act, and pays monthly benefits to more than six million recipients of Supplemental Security Income.

Chapter 1


The organization needed an over-the-phone interpreting provider that could handle its high volume of calls for more than 130 global languages. More importantly, it needed a partner that could provide a single toll-free number for access to services to support the entire organization, including locations in the U.S. and its Territories, in addition to a single toll number access for worldwide locations where a U.S. toll-free service is not available.

After an exhaustive RFQ process, United Language Group (ULG) was awarded the BPA contract as a sole sourced provider.and delivered a bespoke solution to resolve the lingual challenges of the case.

Chapter 2


ULG’s over-the-phone interpreting network leads the industry in reliability, security and scalability making it the ideal solution for the challenges facing the organization.

Due to the sensitive nature of welfare, privacy and confidentiality is crucial for all interpreting scenarios. ULG’s network of more than 7,500 interpreters undergo specialized training and continuous quality monitoring to ensure they are interpreting accurately and following proper security measures. To keep up with the high number of incoming calls, ULG structured the team and allocated ample resources that kept the average connection time to just over 18 seconds per call.

In addition to seamlessly handling the high call volumes, ULG delivered services above and beyond the original contract. ULG’s partnership provided extra interpreting support for the client’s Manila offices. Outside of normal U.S. business hours, the ULG team was able to appropriately staff Japanese interpreters each Friday evening to accommodate the organization’s global needs for over-the-phone interpreting.



Chapter 3


Only two months after initiating the contract, ULG was able to complete the transition of its call volume seamlessly and implemented the toll numbers for access to ULG’s telephone interpreter services. ULG’s scalability satisfied the organization’s call volume in one cutover while also meeting all of its account set-up and reporting requirements

Due to our advanced technology, flexibility and capacity, ULG enabled the client to flip a switch and transition all its volume without any issues. The social welfare program has continued to rely on ULG for consistent telephonic interpreting service without experiencing service interruption. ULG’s RespOrg capabilities allow us to switch carriers at any point, any time to prevent delay or downtime for unified business continuity.

Overall, ULG interpreted more than 10.4 million minutes annually to over 150 global languages.

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