How a healthcare consortium met its unique data collection requirements and managed high call volumes

Case Study 35 | OPI Healthcare


By using United Language Group fast and reliable over‑the‑phone interpreting services and medically qualified network of interpreters, a large US-based healthcare provider was able to increase the efficiency of telephone calls.

This large US-based integrated managed care consortium that functions both as a health plan and healthcare provider has 12.4 million health plan members, 39 hospitals and 714 medical offices across the country and supports a large population of limited English proficient (LEP) patients.

Chapter 1


In order to properly serve all members and patients, the healthcare organization needed a HIPAA-compliant over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) service that could reliably connect highly qualified interpreters to its callers within seconds. Additionally, the organization needed a provider that could manage high call volumes while meeting its unique data collection requirements.

Because the healthcare provider has locations nationwide, calls were vastly different and complex. The focus of these calls ranged between many topics including health and medical services, emergency services, appointments and nurse advise and other ancillary insurance and medical related services. The nature of these calls requires interpreters to protect the confidentiality of the patient and to have thorough medical knowledge.

Chapter 2


United Language Group’s (ULG) fast and reliable OPI technology and vast network of highly qualified interpreters provided the ideal solution for overcoming the challenges facing the healthcare provider. ULG’s customizable OPI dashboard allows clients to tailor the data collection to meet their needs. The ULG team worked very closely with the healthcare provider in order to determine exactly which data points they wanted collected and then adapted the OPI dashboard to fit these requests.

ULG’s network of thousands of medically qualified interpreters supported the efficiency and confidentiality of the calls. ULG’s interpreter network is industry leading in language skills, understanding of cultural nuances and knowledge of the US government and healthcare structure. These qualities ensure that calls are effectively interpreted and that the needs of each caller are successfully met.

Chapter 3


The partnership between the healthcare consortium and ULG resulted in a 10% reduction in average call handle times. The efficiency of the OPI service was driven by two factors:

  • ULG’s fast and reliable technology
  • The high quality and medically qualified network of interpreters

Additionally, the average interpreter connection time for the calls was 15 seconds for Spanish and 25 seconds for all other languages. ULG’s OPI service supported the healthcare provider’s high call volumes, met the organization’s unique data collection requirements, and ensured all calls were HIPAA-compliant.

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