Sensitive healthcare translations meet quality standards before going to market

Case Study 17 | Healthcare NMT - LQA


Inaccurate translations can lead to harmful results in the medical technology space. Discover how one company vetted the language quality of numerous machine translated documents and assured all NMT outputs were accurate.

This Fortune 500 healthcare company needed to complete Language Quality Assessments (LQAs) on content that had been translated from Spanish, German, and French into English using Neural Machine Translation (NMT).

The company wanted to use one Language Solutions Partner (LSP) in order to cut costs, and also needed to work with an LSP that had established an effective quality testing method for NMT, a new and complex language technology.

The LQA process had to be fail-safe in order to provide a competent final review before the documents were shared with clients and end users.

Chapter 1


The client was familiar with NMT and successfully used it for its internal corporate communications. However, growing costs and frequent changes led the organization to explore machine translation as a solution for technical content. The company wanted to trial NMT on more critical content but had concerns about the quality of the output.

The challenge for the company was finding a language partner that already had a tried-and-true quality assessment in place for NMT. Additionally, very few LSPs had the necessary knowledge of NMT technology to develop a custom, effective review method. The translated content was highly-sensitive, and would required specialized linguists that possessed healthcare expertise that would allow them to properly score the NMT output on terminology and medical veracity.


Chapter 2


After being selected as the company’s reviewer, United Language Group (ULG) employed its LQA, which is based on a number of factors including accuracy, fluency, verity and locale convention.

ULG transferred information and files for review through its secure project management portal, OctaveTMS, and had medical linguists well-versed in the healthcare field complete the translations. The LQA also included a verfication of corporate and healthcare specific terminology, allowing the linguists to ensure the NMT output was ready for market entry.

ULG’s third-party LQA provided an unbiased review that allowed for a true measurement of the target language content’s quality.

Chapter 3


ULG’s quality assessment process allowed the company to:

  • Have a competent and thorough review completed on its NMT output before market entry
  • Employ linguists well-versed in the review’s subject matter
  • Communicate through one centralized project management portal throughout the process
  • Know its highly technical and jargon-heavy documents were translated accurately
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