A Major Health Insurer Partners with United Language Group to Improve Member Engagement and HRA Completion Rates

Case Study 23 | Member Engagement


How United Language Group deployed multifaceted solutions supported by specialized bilingual resources to drive member engagement and improve Star ratings within diverse populations for a key insurer.

Chapter 1


A major health insurer in the U.S. had low completion rates of Health Risk Assessments (HRA) within hard-to-reach populations. ULG applied their expertise to increase HRA completion rates among diverse populations with the goal to strengthen Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) Star Ratings and capture health data for early preventive action.


"For insurers, healthier members are those who are most engaged.Effective engagement with culturally diverse populations requiresconnecting with members in their language and tailoring processesto their unique needs. This example provides evidence that authentic,trust-based relationships can result in higher member engagementand healthier populations."

- Dr. Abigail Katz, Executive Director of Health Outcomes Solutions

Chapter 2


ULG implemented a comprehensive strategy to drive increased engagement and HRA completion rates within hard-to-reach populations. This strategy included:

  • Conducting content adaptation in English and 5 other applicable languages to drive improved engagement. To achieve optimal effectiveness, this process included metric driven A/B testing of messaging and scripting to improve diverse market member engagement through live agents, voicemail, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) activities.
  • Deploying bilingual resources and liaisons who are specifically trained in the nuances of complex case management for member outreach and engagement activities.
  • Utilizing updated call flows to ensure that members with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) were able to consistently communicate with staff inlanguage throughout their member journey.

Chapter 3


Increased completion rates

The implementation of bilingual call center liaisons, combined with process enhancements, was directly responsible for a 23% increase in HRA completion rates over the course of one month.

Relationship building in language

With language and culture no longer a barrier, the insurer was able to build trust and cultivate relationships with LEP members, resulting in stronger engagement rates and a healthier member population.

At a Glance


  • Low HRA completion rates within hard-to-reach member populations
  • Low engagement rates among members with LEP
  • Poor health outcomes within LEP communities


  • Trained and implemented specialized bilingual resources
  • Developed and tested multilingual outreach and voicemail scripts
  • Refined the call flow process to include in-language voicemail management
  • Established technical updates to allow for proactive and consistent HRA scheduling


  • 23% increase in HRA completion rates over the course of one month
  • Significantly improved engagement and response outcomes within 45 days of program launch
  • Improved health outcomes for diverse populations through proactively capturing health data
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