Manufacturer integrates secure On-Premise Machine Translation solution to connect its workforce

Case Study 26 | On-Premise NMT Solution


When employees need to collaborate across borders and languages, security and speed are key. That’s why this leading industrial manufacturer harnessed Machine Translation to streamline its internal communications without compromising a single megabyte of data. Discover how a single platform brought together a sprawling global workforce of more than half a million employees operating in nine different languages.

A leading industrial manufacturer, headquartered in Europe, has teams communicating with each other from 120 locations all over the world. As the parent company to 13 different brands, it employs more than 625,000 people who work together across borders, time zones and languages.

The company’s primary language is German, with more than 250,000 employees located in the region. However English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Czech, Russian and Polish were also widely used across the company and required language support.

The collaboration among its international employees was being slowed down by language barriers, and the manufacturer was looking for a way to connect its massive workforce, streamline the multilingual communication process and reduce the possibility of errors or misunderstandings due to foreign language.

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Connecting employees across disciplines – and across geographies – is no easy task, especially for a manufacturer of this scale. Its various teams and departments needed access to projects at all hours and the ability to work simultaneously and successively to accommodate the differing time zones.

These cross-functional teams also exchanged millions of emails, chats and data over the course of each day.

The company required a robust and secure solution that could translate the high volume of materials shared between teams into the target languages without compromising sensitive company information. It also required a technology that was sophisticated and flexible enough to seamlessly integrate within its existing framework.

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The manufacturer decided to partner with ULG to introduce the machine translation system OctaveMT. In the interest of data security, the application had to be available strictly within its own intranet, which is accessible throughout the company and integrated into internal communication and content authoring tools.

OctaveMT is a lightweight software offering the flexibility the company required. Machine translation was the solution to speed communication and handles the high volume of data while retaining top security.

Additionally, because OctaveMT is a customizable platform, ULG was able to build out terminology banks and company-specific glossaries to ensure that the translation output conveyed accuracy, even if the source materials were laden with corporate jargon.

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The integration of OctaveMT resulted in dramatically faster, immediate translation turnaround while maintaining quality with the custom terminology management ULG established and meeting the most stringent regulatory requirements.

In addition to the continuous improvement of the translation results through the inclusion of terminology and glossaries, the company plans to extend the OctaveMT solution by means of an interface or an integration with still more systems.

Overall, by implementing OctaveMT as an on-premise solution, the client was able to translate more than 100 million words a year and save over $10 million in translation costs.

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