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Case Study 21 | NAVEX Global Translation


ULG partnered with NAVEX Global to help cut administrative overhead, reduce communication issues and eliminate project inefficiencies. The two companies now complete nearly 1,000 projects together each year, with a 99.6 percent on-time delivery rate.

NAVEX Global is a software and service company that helps organizations foster business cultures of integrity and compliance. Worldwide, more than 2,000 organizations use NAVEX Global’s tools as part of their overall governance, risk and compliance (GRC) efforts. These tools include telephone hotlines, web-based reporting and case management services.

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Working with global companies means meeting the needs of a linguistically diverse clientele. NAVEX Global helps clients create awareness campaigns, localize their vision and values, and create multiple-language websites and reporting forms.

With more than 500 truly multinational customers, more than 50 which operate in 100 countries or more, NAVEX must provide localized services that address both language and cultural norms to any number of stakeholders on an ongoing basis.



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United Language Group (ULG) brings experience in the GRC and legal areas, as well as secure online translation capabilities, and thus became the clear choice as the localization partner for NAVEX.

With offices around the world and around the clock operations, NAVEX needed a solution that provided 24/7 access to in-country translation experts. ULG’s Translation Management System, OctaveTMS, NAVEX could submit jobs, track projects and more at any time just through accessing the portal.

NAVEX cut administrative overhead, reduced communication issues and removed some traditional project management inefficiencies that often occur during translation.

While doing this, NAVEX experienced a noted improvement in turnaround times and maintained the high levels of quality they required.

ULG set up a specialized escalation process for the confidential hotline reports. Highly-skilled staff were specially trained on NAVEX-specific processes to handle its uniquely sensitive and confidential translations.

ULG also provides NAVEX Global with customized reporting, including monthly average turnaround reports that highlight volume and performance metrics, to help mitigate the risk of a mistranslation.

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NAVEX Global now receives translations of hotline reports, content for websites, policies and other informational documents in more than 125 different languages from ULG.

Top languages include Spanish, Chinese and Japanese to U.S. English, as well as U.S. English into many different languages. After more than 10 years of partnership, the companies continue to grow and scale together, refining processes and streamlining for optimal results.

The two companies complete nearly 1,000 projects together each year, with a 99.6% on time delivery rate. ULG also maintains high quality standards and addresses cultural nuances with a 98% accuracy rating.

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