How fast and responsive language procedures strengthened a £2 billion multinational legal case

Case Study 01 | Legal Translation


Impending court appearances and immense documentation volumes faced a globally regarded law firm. ULG’s quick response and seamless operating procedures delivered the highly-sensitive translation under budget – and in time for legal review.

As a leading law firm with 25 global offices, the company litigates for an impressive portfolio of clients around the world. This particular case involved more than 300 plaintiffs across the EU, and its success hinged on the lawyers’ ability to gain timely access to translated documentation before presenting their pleadings in a high-profile court.

Specifically, the situation required translation of 800,000 words in 10 business days. Case materials included highly sensitive reports, medical records and witness statements, which all needed the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

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Quality and speed were of the absolute essence due the prohibitive time constraints. The firm required round-the-clock service as the £2 billion case depended on knowledge gained from the documents on an hourly basis. There was no room for error or inaccuracy.

Another significant challenge was security. The court grounded all documentation to Spanish soil, and no material was to be disseminated by email, secure websites or any other means outside of Spain.

Due to the case’s sensitive nature, it required lateral thinking and flexible project management. Additionally, the situation called for a language solutions partner that had tight control over quality management procedures and translation expertise in the medical and litigation field.

With more than 30 years of industry experience and familiarity with high-pressure legal situations, ULG was poised to bring success. After consulting with the client, ULG quickly designed a bespoke solution to resolve the lingual challenges of the case.


Chapter 2


Within 48 hours, a project management team of experienced, Spanish linguists flew to Madrid with a comprehensive recruitment plan to assemble a team of 60 English mother tongue translators and editors. The infrastructure for the temporary team was organized by the IT Director of ULG, who also stayed in Madrid to ensure that proper security was maintained around the clock throughout the duration of the project.

Over 70,000 words were completed per day and multiple teams of translators worked simultaneously on the same documents to uphold accuracy and quality. In addition, six proofreaders worked on a shift basis to be available 24 hours and were on hand to ensure that quality checks and deliveries could be made on a rolling basis.

ULG’s ability to adapt to all of its client’s needs and scale up at the shortest notice proved indispensable, and as a result the law firm designated ULG as its preferred translation service provider.


Chapter 3


  • 70,000 words translated a day
  • 2 Weeks to complete 800,000 words of legal translation
  • 24 Hour shifts for round-the-clock productivity
  • £2,000,000,000 size of the case dependent on reliable language output
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