Law-firm ensures information security while cutting cost and turnaround time

Case Study 33 | Government Data Security


Compromised security can come with serious consequences in the legal industry. Discover how this law-firm is meeting demands for large data sets with extremely short deadlines in a secure workflow.

As a law-firm representing a large corporation, this high-profile case required the translation of over 50 million words into English.

The scope of the project includes the translation of highly sensitive case materials, requiring the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Chapter 1


Government and legal translations come with strict controls and security practices that must be followed. With data security as a key driver for this client, they approached United Language Group (ULG) with a large project of over 50 million words to be translated.

The company required a dynamic and secure solution that can translate a high volume of material quickly and without compromising sensitive information. To ensure data security, the company needed a language partner with the capability to create a workflow that would allow them to minimize human content interaction and finalize the materials in a seamless process.

With more than 30 years of legal-industry experience and familiarity with data sensitive legal situations, ULG was positioned to bring success.

Chapter 2


With security at its core, United Language Group features a robust and best in-class data privacy and security program. ULG ensures its internal and external processes are always in compliance with HITRUST and multiple ISO ISO Quality and Information Security Management System Standards, to avoid unnecessary risk.
Solving the challenge of providing not only secure but fast, quality translation needs, required the introduction of ULG’s Neural Machine Translation technology (NMT) to the workflow. The customized workflow implemented a combined machine translation and human editing solution that ensured quality output at a rapidly reduced turnaround time.

With ULG’s unique workflow blend, the client was able to:

  • Ensure security using ULG systems backed by 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Reduce the number of human touchpoints to minimize risk
  • Dramatically reduce cost and time to market
  • Maintain original document formatting with OctaveMT

ULG integrated NMT into the translation workflow and completed more than 50 million words in 10 business days for the law-firm.

Chapter 3


By utilizing a process and technology mix that combined speed, accuracy, and security, the client experienced dramatic results. If the client were to use the standard translation workflow, the project would have taken over 365 days to complete and would have cost the law firm over $8 Million Dollars to complete.

ULG’s ability to adapt to its client’s needs and scale proved indispensable. As a result, the company designed ULG as a preferred language service provider.

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