Innovative Workflow Streamlines Complex eLearning Localization Project

Case Study 48 | eLearning Localization


Discover how our localization team used cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence (AI) tools and efficient project management to deliver a continually evolving eLearning project five days ahead of schedule for a multinational Life Sciences company.

This multinational Life Science company required training for their global employees on the innovative healthcare solutions they provide. Their team is multilingual, multicultural, and widely dispersed. eLearning is an efficient solution for training their global crew but they were finding localization of training materials challenging to implement.

Chapter 1


The client chose to partner with ULG to localize 24 training courses using synthetic voiceover technology. They needed to localize the voiceover narration and video elements into twelve languages to make them accessible to employees around the world. The files needed to be translated, localized, and then pass robust in-country reviews with local teams.

ULG’s linguistic experts focused on building, testing, regressing and quality assurance (QA) of the localized courses. This project was ULG’s first integration with the client’s eLearning group and was a strong introduction to a lasting partnership. Their stakeholders were engaged throughout the course of this complicated work. The commitment and level of cooperation and trust with our localization experts drove the project’s success.

This localization request presented four major challenges:

  • A large number of files in different formats.
  • Multiple target languages.
  • Coordinating in-country evaluations with a globally distributed team of reviewers.
  • Evolving priorities requiring a rapid response and timeline.

"Our global team works diligently to provide innovative healthcare solutions for diverse consumers. We need an eLearning localization partner that is agile, smart and technologically savvy to connect and engage with our global internal teams. ULG went above and beyond our expectations, providing multicultural expertise to help take our localized training to the next level."

- Senior Manager Training Strategy

Chapter 2


To meet these challenges, ULG’s project management team of eLearning localization experts worked closely with the client to:

  • Identify priority languages and files.
  • Select the right tools and technologies for the job.
  • Build and implement a technologically enhanced, AI-assisted workflow that centralized communications and kept the in-country review team connected and engaged.

To strengthen and streamline communications, our localization experts trained the client’s worldwide team of in-country reviewers on XTM for an efficient workflow with centralized communication flow. A SharePoint folder was also created to provide immediate access to the videos and training content as it was completed, providing an efficient platform for transferring and saving large batches of files.

Microsoft Azure’s groundbreaking AI text-to-speech was also used to create synthetic voiceovers for faster production of the training videos. AI-generated voice tracks can be edited on the fly, without the need for additional recording sessions. On a subsequent project, this workflow was further enhanced with a phonetic script to improve the accuracy of the recorded voiceovers for hard-to-pronounce terms.

These tools combined to create an efficient, centralized, and seamless approach. This collaborative approach was instrumental in moving the project forward. To simplify client connection, our project management team set up a single point of contact. We further streamlined communications by instituting weekly status calls and having a shared project tracker that was updated daily. Adoption on the client side was seamless, and the client noted this workflow made them feel engaged in and involved with the in-country review process.

Chapter 3


Ensuring consistent quality and on-time delivery can be challenging on large, complex eLearning localization projects. Utilizing a combination of eLearning localization expertise, innovative technological solutions and stellar engagement allowed ULG to seamlessly overcome obstacles that arose during the localization process, including:

  • When the videos required editing mid-stream, changes were made quickly, and reviews were completed in an expedited fashion.
  • When these changes affected both file names and the included content, ULG was able to meet the client’s need without delay.

Our experts delivered the project ahead of schedule and the client initiated a continued partnership on other e-Learning projects, in addition to other types of translation and localization work that was already in flight.

At A Glance

  • ULG localized 24 eLearning videos into twelve languages in
    three file formats.
  • Languages were divided into 4 groups based on priority for
    the client, with about ~10 GB of files per language.
  • 864 total files delivered in twelve batches according to file
    format and language priority.
  • Project was delivered five days ahead of schedule.
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