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Case Study 15 | Machine Translation Solution


A global Life Sciences company was bogged down by its human translation process. By using a flexible, AI-driven language platform, new levels of productivity and financial return became possible.

This multinational Life Sciences corporation needed billing statements translated into English from Korean, Chinese and Japanese. With offices located around the world, the company recognized its current workflow had areas of opportunity for improvement. The process in place funneled all translation work to an internal team of multilingual employees in China. This system proved inefficient and put undue pressure on the Chinese staff.

The final phase of the company’s translation workflow entailed the billing documents being sent to the Philippines after being converted into English. All of these components needed to be streamlined under the company’s limited budget, and in an environment that had rigid turnaround times.

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Identifying the weak points in the workflow and overcoming key obstacles was critical to finding the right solution.

The company’s existing protocol, which had Chinese employees translating billing statements on top of their daily workloads, more than doubled the processing time of the documents and resulted in overworked and frustrated staff with missed deadlines.

In addition, the division had no approved budget for translation. ULG estimated the company was spending $1.3 million annually on human translation when utilizing the Chinese staff to translate its financial documents. This system was one the company could not sustain.

This manual translation process proved expensive and inefficient, and depleted internal resources. Transforming the translation workflow that tackled the challenges of cost and efficiency required a unique, robust language solution.



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By partnering with ULG, the company received access to an industry leading Machine Translation system, OctaveMT. Machine Translation (MT) is a growing practice for many companies with financial restraints and high material volumes as MT can translate documents, websites and more immediately.

Unlike other in-market engines, however, ULG built OctaveMT to be a more secure and customizable platform that can be programmed as a client-specific tool offering optical character recognition, glossaries and a translation database to continuously streamline the translation process.

Using this real-time solution instead of relying on delayed human translations allowed the company to translate the necessary documents without depending on any translation work from company stakeholders.

OctaveMT allowed for client domain-specific translations and also preserved the formatting of the source files, meaning no work needed to be done internally.

Chapter 3


By integrating OctaveMT into its workflow, the company experienced a dramatic decrease in spending. The cost for translations in the first year was less than $200,000, and then under $115,000 the following year. Over the first two years of implementation, these equated to a 90 percent cost reduction.

Not only was the company able to save drastic amounts of money using ULG’s MT solution, it also dramatically lightened the workload of its Chinese staff members, increasing worker morale and productivity.

In addition, OctaveMT’s ability to retain a document’s original formatting meant no work was required on the client side. In the end, the company was able to successfully translate the necessary financial documents in English and send them to their destination in the Philippines without cost or turnaround time issues thanks to ULG’s OctaveMT.

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