A Major U.S. Health Insurer Achieves 4X Increase in Member Acquisition with a Culturally Centered Approach

Case Study 47 | Community Engagement


Using a culturally intelligent approach and a community-based strategy focused on multi-channel outreach, United Language Group maximized enrollment in untapped Hispanic markets.

Chapter 1


One of the largest U.S. health insurers was entering new markets in Texas with large Hispanic populations. They were looking for ways to drive engagement and increase enrollment in ACA Marketplace plans, and help potential new members overcome the brand perception that coverage was unaffordable.

The insurer required a partner that could build a culturally centered program to appropriately target the US Hispanic market, and provide education, build trust, and boost enrollment conversions.

"United Language Group’s extensive knowledge and expertise in healthcare and its ability to quickly launch a new program proved vital to the health plan’s success. With its existing relationships, they successfully engaged diverse communities in a way that aligned with the population’s culture and preferences, and they built trust with new members—many of whom enrolled in a health plan for the first time."

- Marcos Moreno, Community Outreach Expert

Chapter 2


ULG developed a 6-month engagement program to increase awareness and acquisition during open enrollment among young adult, first-time members, and early-retirees. A core part of the program included three in-person events held the week before the end of open enrollment and in partnership with a national retailer.

Analysis and Strategy

Using qualitative and quantitative data, cultural research, and industry insights, a framework was developed that took into account the target market and the insurer’s goals to reach diverse populations.

  • Conducted population health data analysis to identify the appropriate regions and target markets.
  • Identified the key cultural factors affecting engagement and impacting experience, which include attitudes, behaviors, cultural beliefs, health factors, and terminology that are common in the population in order to communicate in a language-specific, culturally-adapted way and drive outcomes.
  • Engaged local radio influencers to help connect and build trust within the community.
  • Leveraged the insurer’s existing relationship with the national retailer, a trusted brand for the target audience, to host the events.
  • Conducted an analysis to determine retail locations that were well suited for the population.

Pre-event Marketing

Local influencers and the right mix of channels engaged the customers in personalized and culturally relevant ways, and proved to be a powerful way to drive awareness and interest.

  • Live radio promotions the week before the event were designed to appeal to the target audience and scheduled for optimal reach.
  • Promotional posts on the radio station’s Facebook page.

Event Experience

Leveraging a community-based event with bilingual enrollment specialists improved healthcare literacy, allayed concerns about costs, and encouraged new members to take action.

  • The combination of timing (during the afternoon commute) and the close proximity of the retailer were prioritized for optimal engagement.
  • Radio station vehicle and personality were on site for a 2-hour live broadcast that increased visible presence and encouraged attendance.
  • Bilingual health experts who also understand cultural differences were available to answer questions, debunk myths, and make a handoff to brokers.
  • Giveaways created positive brand reputation, drove engagement, and generated leads.
  • Developed culturally-adapted and Spanish versions of existing insurer’s communications.

Chapter 3


Expanded Market Reach and Engagement

With a strategy that utilized a strong foundation in the Cultural Drivers of Engagement for the Hispanic market, trusted relationships, and local influencers, community events enabled reach and engagement with new, diverse populations.

Increased Enrollment

On-site bilingual health experts improved healthcare insurance literacy, provided education about plan affordability, and enabled a 4X increase in member acquisition.

At A Glance:


  • Lack of culturally centered engagement in local Hispanic communities
  • Low healthcare insurance literacy
  • Misconceptions about brand affordability


  • Conducted health data analysis and identified cultural insights to increase engagement
  • Implemented culturally relevant influencer marketing campaign
  • Developed culturally adapted communication materials


  • Entry into new target markets and engagement with Hispanic populations
  • Improved healthcare insurance literacy
  • Education about the availability of low-cost plans


  • 4X increase in member acquisition
  • 24% conversion rate
  • 14X the return on investment in new membership
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