Community Engagement Program Helps Major Health Insurer Enter Diverse New Markets

Case Study 45 | Community Engagement Program


How a major U.S. Health Insurer implemented United Language Group’s Community Engagement Solution to increase limited English proficient (LEP) member acquisition and boost market engagement and awareness within diverse populations.

Chapter 1


A major insurer strove to increase membership and improve engagement of diverse populations within key markets. Historically, these communities, which included a significant Hispanic population, had low acquisition and adoption rates. A common obstacle the insurer faced was gaining and retaining members within this population. To combat this, they required a focused approach, deployed at a local level, to reach and connect with targeted communities. This approach included determining market focus and prioritization, increasing product and brand awareness, improving member support and plan utilization, and increasing member engagement with specific products.

"Community engagement is one of the most promising evidence-based solutions proven to reduce health care costs. When tailored for culturally and linguistically diverse populations, these programs hold great promise for reducing disparities and driving community health improvement."

- Abigail Katz, Executive Director of Health Outcomes Solutions

Chapter 2


In response, ULG delivered a culturally tailored Community Engagement Program through a five-phase approach. It was set into motion by generating market research analysis to determine specific markets to target. The analysis included:

  • Insights on health data trends within targeted populations
  • Market sizing based on demographics and competitive positioning
  • Buying and engagement behaviors of targets populations
  • Assessment of the depth and breadth of local resources and key influencers
  • Member experience and plan benefits preferences of the target population

The analysis was used to provide market recommendations and determine market selection for implementing locally based Community Engagement Programs. Detailed plan frameworks were created for each market that included milestones and metrics to ensure program success. The engagement strategy consisted of:

  • Engaging local Hispanic consumers around their health needs and available products through community events and bilingual outreach
  • Implementing a culturally effective marketing and media plan
  • Using culturally appropriate techniques for engaging individuals and increasing awareness
  • Extending reach by partnering with local organizations and providers that already have the trust of the community
  • Delivering culturally relevant education and awareness materials

Chapter 3



  • Improved health and insurance literacy
  • Increased product awareness and membership
  • Expanded deployment of locally based Community Outreach and Engagement Specialists


  • Developed and supported 42 key community partnerships
  • Increased consumer engagement by 83%
  • Expanded local provider network outreach by 33%
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