The City of Denver Partners with
United Language Group to Improve
Vaccine Equity

Case Study 43 | City of Denver


How the City and County of Denver used our Innovative Care Liaison Solution to help Spanish-speaking residents during the COVID-19 pandemic

Chapter 1


The Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic shed a spotlight on the systemic inequalities and lack of access to health care for patients and members with Limited English Proficiency (LEP). The City and County of Denver needed real-time support in engaging the Hispanic community, which makes up 1/3 of Denver’s population.
The Hispanic community was falling behind in their vaccination rates and the city was having difficulty closing the vaccination gap between English and Spanish speaking groups. The city was working on a solution to inform their Hispanic populations on CDC guidelines and public orders.

The combination of complex terminology, distrust of medical professionals, and the efficacy of vaccines can persuade members and patients to pass on getting a vaccine. The City and County of Denver knew that in order to combat these barriers, they needed an experienced language service provider with culturally adapted interpretation to maximize the effectiveness of a vaccine outreach program.

"Our Hispanic residents were getting vaccinated at far slower rates than other ethnic groups. The services ULG provided gave our Hispanic callers an in-language experience to discuss a scary, often emotional topic. ULG’s partnership was a key contributor to Denver’s COVID-19 vaccine and testing accomplishments. Denver is a safer place to live, work, and play in part, due to ULG services."

- Laura Dunwoody: Director, Resident Engagement for the City andCounty of Denver

Chapter 2


The Solution

United Language Group combined our Vaccine Equity and Care Liaison Programs to create the City and County of Denver’s Spanish Vaccine Liaison Program. The implementation of this program allowed Spanish speaking callers to reach out for information regarding the COVID-19 Vaccine and schedule appointments for testing and vaccinations.

Given the numerous benefits of this solution, the City of Denver entrusted ULG to implement this program to help bridge the language gap, ensure effective communication, and increase vaccination rates across the city. ULG’s Care Liaisons are trained on the practices and nuances of in-language communication, ensuring that members and patients are heard, informed, and following through with the process around getting vaccinated.

Chapter 3


ULG Deliverables

  • Dedicated and specialized care liaisons 
  • Culturally adapted and in-language interpretation 
  • Aligned with CDC guidelines and public orders

Proven Results

  • Enhanced patient experience 
  • Improved Hispanic community engagement 
  • Established relationships and rapport with the Hispanic population 
  • 76% of calls that came in were vaccine focused 
    • 40% scheduled vaccine appointments 
    • 36% received vaccine information 
    • Average call time was 11 minutes
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