Customized Language Solutions for Each Healthcare Touchpoint

With more than 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry, we know what your organization is up against: regulatory compliance, shifting demographics, costly readmission rates and more. We tackle the ever-evolving healthcare landscape with evidence-based solutions, proactive measures and innovative technology that align with the needs of your patients and members. Our customized solutions are designed to add value at every touchpoint in their journey.


Improving Health Literacy for Members and Patients with LEP

The overarching factors that have an effect on health disproportionately impact the limited English proficiency (LEP) population. Low health literacy results in poorer outcomes and often leads to sub-optimal care, which, in turn, leads to higher readmission rates, increased healthcare costs, and elevated mortality rates. At ULG, our programs are designed to combat these difficulties and provide healthcare equity while improving patient outcomes. By organizing teams that are proficient in more than 200 languages, we’re paving the way toward effective communication that decreases adverse results.


Solutions We Deliver

Provider Solutions

Join our network of hospitals that benefits from our linguistic, compliance, and medical expertise to provide an enhanced experience for each of your patients.

Payer Solutions

Need a partner to help serve your members through open enrollment support, claims translation, or complete language programs? We’ll be with you—and your members—every step of the way.

Medical Interpreting

ULG provides medical interpreter services 24/7, with a network of over 10,000 qualified interpreters to meet the needs of healthcare organizations and ensure effective communication with patients in any language.

Dedicated to Healthcare Success

Your success is our objective. As a team of experts well-versed in complex industry challenges, we help you achieve quality metrics in areas including hospital inpatient quality reporting (IQR) measures, readmission data analysis, CMS ratings, and patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores.

What Makes Us Unique

Unlike other language service providers, our healthcare team has a deeper breadth of hands-on, results-driven experience in developing customized software, working alongside clients to determine effective performance indicators, ensuring regulatory compliance and more.

Dedication to Health Outcomes


We provide a roadmap that outlines an optimized path for member and patient journeys, with a heavy focus on their satisfaction. Our solutions are also designed to decrease healthcare costs while increasing revenue.

Proven Industry Experience


Over the last three decades, ULG has built longstanding partnerships with healthcare leaders. We understand the ins and outs of the field because we’ve helped our clients navigate them.

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Rethinking the Future of Language Services


ULG functions as your single-source partner. With services like language access consulting, translation and interpreting under one roof, we help you experience faster, better and more cost-effective results.

Specialization in Population Health


In addition to our expertise in compliance and our use of specialized language access programs, we provide organizations with the tools to offer cultural and linguistic sensitive care through a distinction in in NCQA Multicultural Health Care or Language Access Programs

Industry-Leading Technology


Our technology is the backbone of our healthcare solutions, enabling you to achieve greater efficiency through customizable development and data collection. Want to see your call volume in real time? Interested in tracking the emerging languages among your members and patients? We can help.

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Rooted in Healthcare Quality and Security

ULG meets the most demanding quality standards in healthcare to ensure excellence.

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