Health Outcomes Solutions

Delivering Extraordinary Health Outcomes for Your Members and Patients

Your customers with limited English proficiency (LEP) deserve equal access to healthcare and exceptional service. In order to make this a reality, we’ve organized a dedicated team and created the specialized tools your organization needs to take care of the overall health of the population with LEP, lower healthcare costs, and improve overall satisfaction and retention.


Care Coordination Programs

Our proprietary program extends SNP coordinated care models to LEP populations, and we currently offer two models of this program.

Bi-Lingual Care Coordinator Program

Designed to extend equitable SNP coordinated care models to LEP populations, our program enables us to assign bilingual staff as “care coordinators” for a specific LEP population to support complex care and special needs programs. This program places the focus on relationship building and compassionate care. With this proven approach, we can help you:

  • Improve SNP LEP member outcomes
  • Increase overall health equity among highly vulnerable populations
  • Reduce interpreting and staffing costs by 44%

Bi-Lingual Care Liaison Program

To help improve healthcare communication and equity for small member language populations, we’ve developed our innovative Care Liaison Program. By using care liaisons over standard interpreting models, an LEP member’s first experience with your organization is in their native language. This results in more efficient appointments, fewer dropped calls, better communication clarity and an authentic connection with the member. Additional benefits include:

  • Scalability and flexibility to meet diverse requirements
  • Improved call management and overall cost savings
  • Enhanced LEP member experience

First-Touch Language Solutions

Members’ initial interactions with their care providers are crucial, so give them a first-touch experience that meets their needs.

Direct Connect Interpreters

Through this program, patients and members get direct access to an interpreter line, where they are connected with an interpreter who will communicate with them in their native language and connect with a healthcare provider. This ease of communication typically results in 17% lower operator costs for hospitals and payers. Our interpreters are at the forefront of effective first-touch member experiences, assisting patients and members throughout their health journey.

Community Connect

Designed to enhance member engagement and satisfaction, this program allows members to retain the same interpreter for multiple care interactions. Not only does this build trust between the member and their interpreter, it also enhances communication efficiency and reduces connection time.


Reducing Readmissions

The annual cost of readmissions to the U.S. healthcare system is approximately $17.4 billion each year. Patients with poor health literacy are 1.3 times more likely to be readmitted than those with higher education about their care, and many of these people are LEP patients. Providing care solutions that combine language solutions with simple communication is key in reducing these rates and providing LEP patients the care to which they’re entitled—and that’s what we strive to deliver.


Health Equity Solutions

Language Access Program (LAP) Optimization

NCQA Multicultural Healthcare (MHC) Consultation

If you’re interested in maximizing your organization’s existing language access plan, this is the solution you need. Our LAP optimization helps enhance health equity, narrow gaps in care for LEP members, and drive health outcomes.

Our consultative services are available to organizations interested in training, education, and consultation to support pursuit of NCQA MHC accreditation and renewal.

Health Outreach Solutions

Provide your members with enrollment and support solutions—including enrollment and retention strategies, preventive services, and community and care referrals—that are focused on specific populations and communities with LEP. Through culturally appropriate engagement and education initiatives, these solutions support increased enrollment of targeted groups and improved member outcomes.

Find the Right Language Solution

Whether you’re a payer or provider, we’re dedicated to delivering solutions that work for you. As the trusted partner of some of the largest healthcare organizations in the world, we operate under a model of complete customization. By building unique programs specific to your business challenges, our healthcare solutions are targeted to your success.


Give your members effective solutions that meet their healthcare needs.