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William Lange

William Lange
William Lange is a product manager at ULG and has vast experience in the language industry. At ULG, William develops new technologies while providing support to the sales department in creating competitive advantages.

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Service Organization Controls: SOCs and Data Security

Posted by William Lange on January 5, 2018
Chances are your company stores far more data in the cloud than just a few years ago. This likely includes sensitive information that you need to protect, including financial data, business strategies and plans, and personal data belonging to customers. With ...

Topics: Best Practices, Technology

The Georgetown-IBM Experiment: MT's First Major Debut

Posted by William Lange on December 12, 2017
In 2017, Language Service Providers (LSPs) are offering clients a plethora of Machine Translation (MT) options. In fact, today anyone with access to a computer can translate fairly simple sentences from one language to another with just a few clicks on Google ...

The Translator’s Evolving Role: Where We Are Now, And Where We’re Heading

Posted by William Lange on November 28, 2017
Thanks to recent technological advances, the translation industry has undergone extensive change. The old-fashioned method of individually translating words (metaphrasing) that make up a sentence and then providing a paraphrase does not have a place in the ...

Software and Website Localization Testing 101

Posted by William Lange on October 13, 2017
There’s a lot that goes into a successfully localized software application or website. After you’ve translated your source materials, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure your content will resonate with its target audience. Broadly speaking, this ...

Topics: Strategy

The Language Industry’s Need For Standardized MT Testing

Posted by William Lange on September 21, 2017
The translation industry is seeing a boom in Machine Translation (MT), both in use and technology. As these MT technology uses and applications evolve, a standardized MT scoring method is desperately needed but still lacking. In order to successfully leverage ...

Topics: Machine Translation, Strategy

Five Common Misconceptions About The Language Industry

Posted by William Lange on September 19, 2017
Despite its size, the language industry is most likely not well known to those who aren’t directly involved in the field.  Niche terms like LSP (Language Service Provider) or “Post Editing,” probably don’t ring a bell for someone not familiar with the ...

Topics: Consulting, Strategy

The Pros and Cons of Statistical Machine Translation

Posted by William Lange on July 28, 2017
Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) has been on the Machine Translation (MT) scene for some time now. Since its creation, SMT has proved itself to be an invaluable method in MT, shaping the field into what it is today. SMT has impressive strengths as well ...

Topics: Machine Translation, Technology, Translation

ULG’s Acquisition of Lucy Software: What It Means for Our MT Offerings

Posted by William Lange on April 12, 2017
In Mid-March, United Language Group (ULG) announced its acquisition of Lucy Software, a leading SAP and Machine Translation (MT) provider. The merger is an exciting one for ULG, and a great opportunity to collaborate with Lucy Software stakeholders in order ...

Topics: Technology, Translation

When Machine Translation Works, and When It Doesn’t

Posted by William Lange on April 11, 2017
If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, you’ll know that Machine Translation (MT) and its applications continue to gain traction as one of the hottest topics in the language industry. The ongoing debate on whether this new technology will ...

Topics: Strategy, Technologies

Localizing Acronyms

Posted by William Lange on February 9, 2017
Acronyms and abbreviations are one of the trickiest localization items to handle. While shortening words and phrases can make life easier when writing in your local language, translating acronyms can be a nightmare for linguists. Abbreviated phrases are tough ...

Topics: Strategy, Translation

Statistical Vs. Neural Machine Translation

Posted by William Lange on February 7, 2017
Machine Translation (MT) has come a long way since its origins in the 1950s. And since its inception, different theories and practices have come and gone. Most recently, there’s been quite a bit of talk about Neural Machine Translation (NMT), a new method ...

Topics: Technology, Translation

Writing Content For Machine Translation: Keep it Simple, Recycle, Repeat

Posted by William Lange on January 31, 2017
Translation errors can be embarrassing – sometimes extremely so. Last year, Apple learned this the hard way when an advertisement for its iPhone translated from English to Cantonese inadvertently referred to male genitalia. Lucky for the tech giant, its ...

Topics: Strategy, Translation