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Marco Marino

Marco Marino
With 19 years of experience in the field of language translation, global business, and technology, ULG Executive Business Development Manager Marco Marino has forged fruitful relationships with the world’s leading companies to establish our industry’s first-ever U.S. sales operations across Latin America. Prior to entering the translation industry, Marino was a trilingual interpreter for a major U.S. airline.

Recent Posts

Global Clinical Trials: Saving Time And Money Through Centralization

Posted by Marco Marino on January 3, 2018
With the resurgence of dangerous diseases such as whooping cough, malaria, and cholera, the need for clinical trials spanning the globe is stronger than ever. Diseases affect people differently depending on factors such as environment, climate, and ethnicity. ...

Topics: Best Practices, Life Sciences, Clinical Trials

The Meaning Of Medicine: Translating Drug Names

Posted by Marco Marino on December 7, 2017
The misuse of prescribed medication can lead to serious health problems. Policy makers in the United States are working to implement legislation that will help put an end to the ongoing opioid crisis, which causes thousands of deaths each year. But it’s not ...

Topics: Life Sciences, Translation

Speaking Around The Boot: The Regional Languages of Italy

Posted by Marco Marino on July 3, 2017
When most of us think of the Italian language, Standard Italian comes to mind – “ciao bella, come stai?” and “buon giorno,” and so on. In fact, Toscano, or the Italian originally written by the medieval poet Dante and spoken in the Tuscan region for hundreds ...

Topics: Featured, Language Learner, Translation

Global Marketing: Reaching Your International Audience With Local Content

Posted by Marco Marino on January 9, 2017
While technology continues to advance non-stop like a runaway train, our seemingly unlimited access to information increases every day. And it’s no secret that today’s technological advances have dramatically changed the world’s buying habits. The brick and ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Strategy

Combining Technology And Marketing in the Age of Disruption

Posted by Marco Marino on December 19, 2016
Let’s face it, as a society we are addicted to technology. The Internet of Things (IoT) revolution has taken over and there’s no looking back. Considering that 90% of the world’s data was created in the past few years and at a pace of 2.5 quintillion bytes ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Strategy

Lessons Learned: Marketing in the Technology Boom

Posted by Marco Marino on December 8, 2016
It’s no secret that the more technology we create, the more we need robust and complex backend systems to make it work. The development of the Cloud and similar technologies has revolutionized the world by providing cheaper, more accessible and highly ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Strategy

The Cold Call And Your Global Marketing Strategy

Posted by Marco Marino on December 2, 2016
Undoubtedly, the digital age has fundamentally changed how people both buy and sell. To counteract these radical shifts, a business’s global marketing strategy has to quickly adapt to these changes. At the same time, I am hearing more and more business ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Strategy