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Andrew Hitchcock

Andrew Hitchcock
Andrew is a staff writer at United Language Group. He is especially interested in digital marketing, translation technology, as well as cultural and linguistic studies.

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Overcoming Barriers: Digital Menus and Multilingual Language Options

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 28, 2017
Digitization has permanently changed many industries over the past decade, and restaurants are no exception.  To keep up with technologically savvy consumers, many restaurants have started to offer digital menus. Navigating digital menus is now easier than ...

Topics: Consumer Product, Digital Localization, Languages, Technology

What is Machine Translation Gisting?

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 25, 2017
Machine Translation (MT) can be a daunting subject with its multiple training approaches and long list of terms. Those new to MT can easily get confused when words like SMT, corpus, preprocessing and post editing are thrown around. One such term is “gisting.” ...

Topics: Machine Translation, Technology

Localization Strategy Guide – The Cultural Dimensions of Germany

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 21, 2017
To many businesses, Germany is the perfect place for business dealings. It ranks third in both total exports and imports, and has a strong economy that is the largest in Europe and the 5th largest in the world. Its impressive business sector features many of ...

Topics: Featured, Localization, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

The Growing Importance of Arabic in Business

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 18, 2017
When a language gains prominence around the world, there is a rise in the demand for speakers of that language in governments and businesses around the world. Higher salaries and unique job positions attract and motivate employees, while businesses benefit ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Language Learner, Language

Can You Afford to Go Without Translation Services?

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 17, 2017
Oftentimes, getting quality translations isn’t considered to be top priority for a global project or initiative. Why should you have to pay money to translate your content, when you can do it for free on the Internet, or have an employee whose multilingual? ...

Topics: Best Practices, Strategy, Translation

Why Real-Time Translation Earpieces May Not Be Worth the Hype

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on July 11, 2017
Inevitably, when a new real-time translation earpiece hits the market, media outlets gobble up the news, putting out article after article referring to the new device as the answer to breaking down language barriers, and hailing it as the realization of ...

Topics: Consumer Product, Technology, Translation

Important Social Media Websites in Europe and Russia

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 30, 2017
The social media habits in Europe and Russia oftentimes look similar to other parts of the world—the tried and true platforms are incredibly popular. However, there are some differences in social media preferences that many companies should know and ...

Topics: Localization, Strategy

5 Reasons Why Latin America is Great for Conducting Clinical Trials

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 30, 2017
Over the years, Latin America has become a prime spot to conduct clinical trials. Countries within the region share several key features that give clinical researchers a lot of reasons to look to these countries as the spot for ideal clinical trials. Here are ...

Topics: Featured, Life Sciences, Strategy

The Spotify Localization Strategy

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 30, 2017
Since it launched in 2008, Spotify has become a leader in the music streaming scene. Over 50 million paid subscribers use the service—and that number is growing at a quick clip, staying ahead of heavy hitters like Apple Music and Google Play. The company has ...

Topics: Digital Localization, Localization, Strategy

3 Iconic Brands that Impress with Website Localization

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 22, 2017
A website will make or break a company’s global brand. For a potential client, there’s nothing quite as frustrating as going to a website looking to find information or buy a product, only to get bogged down with content that’s written in a foreign language, ...

Topics: Digital Localization, Featured, Global Marketing, Localization, Strategy, Technology

Virtual Reality is the Next Step in Language Learning

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 16, 2017
There’s a lot that goes into learning a language. Taking classes, studying textbooks, using apps, watching foreign movies, listening to foreign music, playing video games…the list seems endless. But another method of language learning is starting to arise ...

Topics: Technology, Language

Localization Strategy Guide – Cultural Dimensions of Brazil

Posted by Andrew Hitchcock on June 16, 2017
Brazil, once home to an economic boom, has been in a recession since 2013, and consumers have opted to hold onto their well-earned cash, buying cheaper products and decreasing luxury spending. Of course, with a population of over 200 million, Brazil will ...

Topics: Digital Localization, Localization, Strategy, Tips & Tricks