Multilingual SAP rollout goes beyond the expected

Case Study 12 | Manufacturing SAP


An international mining company initially needed a translation consultant for its global rollout. After ULG successfully launched its SAP program - saving time and money - it didn’t stop there.

This multinational gold mining corporation needed an global SAP system translated into three languages to provide training, change management communications, test scripts and project planning documentation for its global employees.

The company needed consultation and expertise to efficiently complete the rollout project on a tight timeline while implementing a system with roughly 200,000 UI texts.

Chapter 1


To achieve a successful rollout, a global SAP template had to be created for ERP, BI and SuccessFactors. Additionally, the project called for SAP user interfaces, training materials, test scripts, master data planning documents and change management communications to be translated from English to French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Given the daunting volume of work, the company required a language partner with both technical and linguistic expertise to implement the systems and provide local language support. As an added challenge, the work needed to be done quickly in order to provide SAP implementation in a timely manner for the company’s global offices in Argentina, Columbia, Brazil and Central Africa.


Chapter 2


After carefully reviewing the company’s needs, ULG created a project scope delivering full translation of SAP materials as well as long-term support.

ULG hired subject matter expert linguists with knowledge of the gold mining industry to translate all training, documentation and communications associated with the project.

ULG leveraged its special ABAP software (Customizing Translation Accelerator) to translate all SAP customizing tables and synchronize terminology between the system UI and training materials for an optimal end user experience.

But it didn’t stop there. After the project went live, ULG continued to support the rollout by:

  • Continually updating translations for the company as necessary
  • Monitoring the SAP system for changes and updates on a monthly basis 
  • Performing ongoing support and troubleshooting for production incidents
  • Assisting in the creation of language transports

Chapter 3


ULG’s software integration and language translation allowed the company to successfully distribute documentation and complete a smooth SAP rollout to South America and Central Africa. Roughly 750,000 words worth of training materials were translated in addition to around 200,000 UI texts for each language.

In the end, ULG achieved one worldwide ERP system containing all the necessary lnguages. And where other language vendors would end the project, ULG’s continued partnership offered post-mortem system monitoring, implementing updates when needed and providing troubleshooting support to ensure the ongoing success of the rollout into the future.


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