Crunch-time SAP rollout achieves 30 percent savings on manual translation

Case Study 13 | Manufacturing SAP


A global MRO company had five weeks to convert thousands of UI text lines for its international rollout, so ULG built a translation strategy that would satisfy both the timeline and the bottomline.

This U.S.-based MRO industrial supplier had more than 600,000 lines of UI text that required translation as part of its SAP rollout to Central America. The scope of the project involved creating multilingual SAP systems and translating the text to Spanish – all within five weeks.

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The client had a rigid budget that called for cost efficiencies wherever possible, while maintaining the aggressive timeline for completion. With little experience conducting multilingual rollouts, a thorough consultation was needed before initiating any work. This would help determine the optimal method for execution.

Another challenge that presented itself was the company’s workforce structure. With remote and on-site employees all over the world, the implementation of VPNs was required to allow remote access to the project.

With a looming deadline and unfamiliarity of SAP translation, the company was looking for a partnership that would lend both technical and linguistic expertise to guide the project to success while meeting the financial parameters with a time-sensitive strategy.


Chapter 2


United Language Group (ULG) worked with the company to define a longterm, effective and sustainable approach to translate the company’s custom SAP applications for rollout to Central America. ULG also consulted with the company on how to approach translation of the Canadian French UI text lines.

ULG set up the online translation environment to complete the SAP project and also created VPN infrastructure for remote access to the SAP servers. Providing special ABAP software that accelerated the translation process enabled faster turnaround of translated materials, effectively streamlining the process and ensuring the project stayed on track.

In addition, ULG provided the company long-term support after the translation went live with ongoing language and software updates.

Chapter 3


As a result of ULG’s continued technical and linguistic support, the company successfully rolled out its SAP project on time and under budget.

Using its accelerated translation technology, ULG completed the initial bulk translations in five weeks while also reducing the total manual translation effort by more than 30 percent, affording the company major cost savings.

The company was able to rely on ULG to look after all aspects of the translation effort: ensuring the SAP environment was up to date after it went live and continually updating the translation and software changes where necessary.

Partnering with ULG resulted in time and cost savings as well as peace of mind that the project would be completed with the language and technical expertise it required.

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