As effective measures to counter the spread of COVID-19 create challenges for all communities, non-English speaking communities are often deprioritized, expanding the impact window of the crisis and increasing the overall cost of support.

To help cities, counties, and state agencies provide greater support for their residents, United Language Group offers a wide array of translation, interpretation, transcription, and other language services to help bridge communication gaps. We specialize in working with healthcare providers, health departments, and emergency management agencies like yours to create and deploy rapid communication support programs and are now offering a tailored program for COVID-19. 


  • Templated and pre-translated COVID-19 updates based on CDC content in targeted languages. We will then work with you to create a customized and translated message that ties in CDC content with your specific support strategy.
  • Rapid, 24-hour turn-around of notices and communication to your residents related to community support for COVID-19.
  • Community outreach and dialogue through our interpreter network to either provide or gather key information you require to keep in touch with your residents. ULG can work with you to identify useful content pieces that fit with your support strategy, or we can provide standard content and capture questions that can be converted and tallied in English so you can better understand the key concerns of your community members.  
  • ULG can provide a support line where residents can dial in and register questions they have about policy or support. Your community's questions can be gathered and tallied back to you in English for input into your support strategy.
  • Language services to facilitate group or individual notification pertaining to COVID-19 containment effort.
  • Help simplify the training and educating of the communities nationwide on measures needed to protect themselves and their families.
  • Remote interpretation services including phone and video interpretation services to accommodate rapid access to interpreters 24/7/365.
To help manage the cost of additional support, we have tried to mitigate costs to make these support options viable additions to your overall support strategy. In doing so, ULG has:
  • Removed all rush fees
  • Created a centralized COVID – 19 language asset that provides all previously translated content available for free.  
  • Implemented a pricing policy to ensure we work with whatever available budget you may have to ensure effective community support.

Having worked daily with communities like yours, we understand the immense challenges you are facing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and we are here to support you in any way possible. To schedule a call with our Client Engagement Team, please fill out the form below. A representative will be in contact shortly thereafter!