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Meet the Team: Miranda Herz

Welcome to this month's edition of Meet the Team featuring Miranda Herz, Client Engagement Specialist.

Keep reading to learn more about Miranda. 

What is your favorite or most interesting hobby?

My most recent hobby is home improvement! I am a new homeowner, so you will find me watching HGTV and making frequent trips to the hardware store for my new project ideas.


How long have you been with ULG? 

I started working at ULG in May 2020 as a Client Engagement Specialist, so I am coming up to one year. Although I started at ULG amid the COVID-19 craziness, I did not skip a beat - everyone was so friendly and helpful, and I felt very welcomed into the team right away during my virtual onboarding process.


What is your favorite part of your job? Why?

The sense of community continues that continues to grow every day. At ULG, we focus on collaboration and teamwork. Everyone is willing to support others in their personal goals, so that the organization can grow stronger and better together. I am proud to be working at an organization that is making a real difference in equality and languages access for all people.


Why did you decide to work in the translation industry?

Being from an entrepreneurship background, I knew that I wanted to join an organization that is continually innovating and creating solutions for the betterment of others. The language access industry checks both of those boxes for me, and it will continue to evolve and improve as we head into the future!