Meet the team: Mehul Mistry

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This month we are featuring Mehul Mistry, a member of the Desktop Publishing department. Mehul is based in our Mumbai office and is the Department Manager of Desktop Publishing. 

Continue reading to learn more about Mehul and find out what led him to working in the translation industry. 

Q: What is your favorite or most interesting hobby?

A: My favorite hobby is exercising. I have turned this hobby into a habit by incorporating it into my daily routine. It helps me relieve anxiety, makes me strong psychologically, and makes me feel good about myself. Stay Healthy, Stay Strong :)


Q: How long have you been with ULG?

A: I have worked at United Language Group for 6 years and 9 months. I originally joined the organization as the Senior Project Coordinator and DTP back in 2013. I was later promoted to Desktop Publishing Department Manager which is my current role. 


Q: What is your favorite part of your job? Why?

A: One of my favorite parts of the job is team management. I really enjoy collaborating with others. Team building and management have always been my passion. ULG provided me a platform to explore my skills in building and managing teams. Another aspect of my job that I really enjoy is creating various KPI reports for higher management. Working with my team, I have created various reports in Excel and QlikView which helps the decision making process and impacts the entire organization. 


Q: Why did you decide to work in the translation industry?

A: I have always been passionate about creativity, and I'm also a very techie person. I knew the translation industry would help me achieve my career goals and provide excellent growth opportunities. Working in the translation industry has always kept me updated about the latest trends in the IT domain which is helpful for understanding global advances in technology. Working with various applications and operating systems is another really beneficial aspect of a career in the translation industry.


You can reach Mehul by email or by connecting with him on LinkedIn

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