Meet the Team: Maryna Koenig

Welcome back to another monthly edition to the Meet the Team blog.

This month, we are introducing a member of the Video Remote/On-site Interpretation team. Maryna (Marina) Koenig is a VRI/OSI Manager based in the San Antonio office.

We caught up with Marina to learn more about her. Continue reading to find out how foreign languages play into more than just her professional life.


Q: What do you enjoy doing outside of the office?

A: My favorite hobbies are learning foreign languages and reading on leadership/organizational/self-development.

We live in this great time where we have access to so many resources in the form of books, courses, podcasts, seminars, etc. I love exploring resources on emotional intelligence and its application for business and personal life. I find it fascinating to learn all these tools and techniques that can help grow better teams, organizations and just get better as a human being. The hardest part is to implement what you’ve learned and see what works. I usually try to implement at least one thing from any given book I’m currently reading and keep it up for at least several weeks to gauge the results.

As far as learning languages if I could get paid just for learning different foreign languages that’s what I would do. My educational background is in Linguistics and I’ve always known that I wanted to work with languages. I speak Russian, Ukrainian, English and Italian. I picked up enough Spanish to understand a lot of it, but I really need to put in more effort to speak it. I’ve just recently started learning French. Once I get to a decent level, the next one I’d like to try would be Japanese. I mostly pick languages depending on my interest in each respective culture. I love watching French movies and reading modern Japanese authors.


Q: How long have you been with ULG?

A: I’ve been with ULG since November 2018. I initially started as a VRI manager and, as of this year, I’ve also started managing the on-site interpretation team.


Q: What is your favorite part of the job? Why?

A: I couldn’t pick between the two again. One is working with the on-site interpretation team. I love working with a team and putting in effort to help them grow. I love brainstorming with them, hearing different perspectives, introducing new tools, processes, techniques and then seeing what works at that particular stage as we evolve together. I’ve had some great leaders to learn from and I’m hoping to grow into a good leader myself one day. I believe that happy employees have a direct positive impact on company’s financials and I’ve been able to personally experience it.


Q: Why did you decide to work in the translation industry?

A: Ever since high school it was my dream to become an interpreter. I knew I wanted a degree in linguistics and upon my graduation, I pursued this dream. My ultimate goal was to become a UN interpreter, however, once I got into the language services industry, I realized I also liked the administrative part of things, like planning and managing teams. My background is purely in interpretations right now, but with time I hope to learn about the translation side of things as well. What I like the most about language services is that it’s a very dynamic field so there is always a way to expand your horizons.


You can email Marina here as well as connect with her on LinkedIn.

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Thank you for joining us again for another month of Meet the Team. Come back next month to meet another member of the ULG family.

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