SAP Localization & Consulting

SAP Localization for Global Implementations

Ready to take your SAP solutions global? With deep experience in SAP translation and multilingual applications that has been enhanced over the last 30+ years, ULG has the expertise to make your global SAP rollouts a success. Our services include training in tools and methods, system setup and project scoping, troubleshooting, transport management and development of special solutions for end-to-end translation services, all within a single platform.

SAP localization services

Who Benefits from SAP Localization Services?

SAP localization is ideal for growing companies poised for rapid expansion. If this sounds like you, work with us and reap the benefits of an experienced global SAP implementation partner that has perfected a smooth, streamlined translation process with maximum efficiency and affordability.

SAP localization services consulting

Leading the Way in International SAP Deployment

ULG is proudly certified as an SAP partner, and was the first SAP Language Consulting Partner. With over 100 successful rollouts, 13 million lines of SAP user interface tests and 12 million words of training, we have the experience to make your SAP implementation projects a success.

  • SAP Rollout Translation
  • Global SAP Rollout Consulting
  • Software Solutions
  • Custom Development
  • SAP Interpreting

SAP Rollout Translation

Successful SAP translation rollouts require deep system and user experience knowledge, and our language masters have the experience and skill to deliver accurate translations. We address all aspects of translation, including systems analysis and setup, language transports, testing, troubleshooting and post-rollout support.

As an SAP leader, we translate systems in over 30 languages, providing translation of all rollout materials and the system UI as well as auxiliary materials like training data, UAT scripts, change management communications and system documentation. By implementing built-in translation quality tests and utilizing linguists experienced in SAP projects, we make sure your multilingual rollout components are completed accurately, on time and on budget.

Global SAP Rollout Consulting

The formula for a successful international SAP rollout is thorough communication, preparation and experienced team members. At ULG, our SAP implementation services team screens translators for knowledge of SAP systems, industry expertise and a track record of successful delivery on SAP country-specific localization projects. This keeps everyone fluent in our approach.

Whether you need translation of the system user interface, training materials or change management communication, we have a proven solution. Our technical experts help with end-to-end system administration, managing language transports and troubleshooting, in addition to language strategy, system audits and source text analysis. We save you time and money by providing ABAP add-on solutions, and we can install SAP language packs as well as provide translation system setup and evaluation.

Software Solutions

By anticipating your automation needs, we ensure that language is never a barrier to your success with software solutions made to complement standard SAP tools. These solutions include a customizing translation accelerator (CTA) and a master data translation accelerator (MTA). Our term synchronizer generates translation memories from the SAP proposal pool entries and guarantees term consistency between the system UI and offline content, like training materials.

Custom Development

Technology can make translations easier—especially when it comes to multilingual SAP projects. Because standard SAP tools don’t always address certain localization needs, we’ve created custom solutions to common issues we’ve seen over more than a decade of working through international SAP rollouts.

SAP Interpreting

A successful international project requires effective communication, technical expertise, and cultural competency. Clients and stakeholders always need to understand each other, and multilingual training is a must for effective communication. Our interpreters work in 30+ languages, are SAP experts and know how to deliver an effective global project. They help with fit-gap analysis sessions, design and implementation processes, testing, and training and support, both before and after rollout. With optimized, sustainable language processes, ULG delivers significant time and cost savings that free you to focus on your core responsibilities.