Provider Solutions

Healthcare Provider Solutions to Enhance Your Patient Experience

Give your patients a care experience that’s tailored to their needs and delivers results they can trust. Our extensive team speaks the language of healthcare—in more than 200 global languages. Due to our expertise in linguistic quality, compliance, and medical terminology, the largest hospital networks entrust us to deliver an elevated patient experience that enhances health literacy, industry regulations, lowers readmission, and supports CMS HCAHPS results.


Healthcare Provider Language Services

In order to meet the needs of a multitude of healthcare providers, we offer many forms of language services. Work with us for over-the-phone interpreting, video-remote interpreting for telehealth support, HIPAA-compliant translation workflows and more.

Telehealth Language Services

Let your patients communicate with their providers at any time, from anywhere with our telehealth solutions designed to streamline effective communication in more than 200 languages. These solutions support multiple operating systems and devices, integrate with flexible extensible APIs, and provide customized data and reporting dashboards.

Direct Connect Interpreters


Through this program, patients and members get direct access to an interpreter line, where they are connected with an interpreter who will communicate with them in their native language and connect them with a healthcare provider. This ease of communication typically results in 17% lower operator costs for hospitals and payers. Our interpreters are at the forefront of effective first-touch member experiences, assisting patients and members throughout their health journey.

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OPI and VRI Solutions


In an increasingly technological world, it’s crucial to have access to instant, virtual means of communication in order to best serve your patients. To make this simple, we offer over-the-phone interpreting (OPI) and video remote interpreting (VRI) services to easily connect your members with linguists who can communicate in a language they understand. Redundancy technology ensures consistence and business continuity throughout our mobile, desktop, video, and other solutions.

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Document Translation


Accurate documentation is crucial to your operations, so working with an experienced linguistic team is your key to success. We deliver technical document translations that are backed by ISO-accredited translation quality, and we ensure meticulously crafted content that meets the high industry standards.

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Addressing LEP Inequities and Health Literacy

The limited English proficiency (LEP) population in the U.S. often experiences suboptimal health outcomes and inferior provider experiences, and there is a stark gap between LEP and English-speaking patients when it concerns their health literacy rates.

In order to combat these issues and help populations with LEP receive better healthcare communication in their language, we’ve devised programs for providers that address the link between social determinants of health, such as literacy, and their disproportionate impact on LEP individuals. From appointment setting to follow-up care, we’re here to provide proper language support at each touchpoint for your patients with LEP. Our programs are designed to enhance health outcomes, and they deliver solutions including:

  • Language-specific appointment setting and follow-up support
  • Health literacy materials for inpatient and outpatient care
  • Patient experience mapping and needs analysis
  • Dedicated customer service lines based on language