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Payer Solutions

Healthcare Payer Solutions to Enhance Your Member Experience

Whether you need interpreting support during open enrollment, faster claims translation turnaround or a specialty language program, we are here as a partner in serving your members. We help some of the largest health insurance companies elevate their multilingual member experience while reducing noncompliance penalties and costly reimbursements. Our one-of-a-kind technology platforms, 24/7/365 response model and overall payer expertise will help us propel your organization to new levels of success.


Specialty Language Programs for Payers

We approach the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with proactive measures that align with the needs of your members and fulfill your business objectives. How? By designing custom programs that go beyond checking the boxes for language access compliance. Our team will consult with you to determine a level of cultural competence and organizational KPIs. Then, implement programs that deliver results for members who rely on complex care, government plans such as Medicare Part A and B or Medicaid, Special Needs Plans (SNP) and Medicare Advantage plans.

Health Plan Administration, Member Communications and Engagement

Give your members access to our cost-neutral, customizable programs designed to improve healthcare outcomes.

Explore All Language Services

First-Touch Interpretation Programs


Our First-touch interpreting program gives LEP members direct access to an interpreter line that connects them with an experienced linguist who can communicate with the caller in their native language. The interpreter will then connect callers with departments such as member services - streamlining communication and enhancing the overall experience as LEP members navigate their health journeys.

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Machine Translation


Our specialty language programs are supported by our core payer services. This means we can assist with claims processing and translation of required materials such as ANOCs, EOBs and SOBs whenever and wherever you need.

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Document Translation


Accurate documentation is crucial to your operations, so working with an experienced linguistic team is your key to success. We deliver technical document translations that are backed by ISO-accredited translation quality, and we ensure meticulously crafted content that meets the high industry standards.

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Health Outcomes Solutions


Designed with the member journey in mind, our Health Outcomes Solutions elevate the limited English proficient (LEP) member experience and drive improved health outcomes through data driven analysis and population health information.

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Tackling Health Disparities with Language Services

There are currently approximately 25.8 million people with limited English proficiency (LEP) living in the United States. Populations with LEP are at a significantly higher risk of experiencing suboptimal health outcomes (53% more likely than their English-speaking counterparts), and 52% of their adverse health events are due to communication errors. We’re doing our part to reduce these numbers through our language programs designed to benefit members with LEP through solutions including:

  • Language-specific care coordination and special needs plan management
  • Health plan materials for new and current members
  • Member experience mapping and needs analysis

We want to provide effective language support for members at every step of their healthcare journey and improve their overall health outcomes.