Payer Solutions

Healthcare Payer Solutions to Enhance Your Member Experience

Whether you need interpreting support during open enrollment, faster claims translation turnaround or a specialty language program, we are here as a partner in serving your members. We approach the ever-evolving regulatory landscape with proactive measures that align with the needs of your members and fulfill your business objectives. We help some of the largest health insurance companies elevate their multilingual member experience while reducing noncompliance penalties and costly reimbursements. Our one-of-a-kind technology platforms, 24/7/365 response model and overall payer expertise will help propel your organization to new levels of health innovation.


Specialty Language Programs for Payers

We design custom programs that go beyond checking the boxes for language access compliance. Our team will consult with you to determine KPIs and implement a data-driven program that deliver results for members who rely on complex care, through Medicare or Medicaid, are on a Dual Special Needs Plan (D-SNP) and other government programs.


Lower avoidable healthcare costs


Comply with regulations


Elevate member experience


Support shifting demographics

Care Liaison Program

Care Coordinator Program

To help improve healthcare communication and equity for small member language populations, we develop our innovative Care Liaison Program. By using care liaisons over standard interpreting models, an LEP member’s first experience with your organization is in their native language. This results in more efficient appointments, fewer dropped calls, better communication clarity and an authentic connection with the member. Additional benefits include:

  • Scalability and flexibility to meet diverse requirements
  • Improved call management and overall cost savings
  • Enhanced LEP member experience

Designed to extend equitable SNP coordinated care models to LEP populations, our program enables us to assign bilingual staff as “care coordinators” for a specific LEP population to support complex care and special needs programs. This program places the focus on relationship building and compassionate care. With this proven approach, we can help you achieve the Triple Aim by:

  • Increase overall health equity among highly vulnerable populations
  • Improve D-SNP LEP member outcomes
  • Reduce interpreting and staffing costs by 44%

Tackling Health Disparities with Language Services

Our specialty language programs are supported by our core payer services. This means we can assist with claims processing, over-the-phone and video remote interpreting, and translation of materials such as ANOCs, and/or EOBs and SOBs.


Give your members the payer solutions they deserve.