Community Engagement Program: Better Health Outcomes Through Cultural Connections

Tackle the suboptimal health outcome problem in the limited English proficient (LEP) communities you serve with our culturally sound community engagement programs.

Did you know that that limited English proficient populations make up a $71B market, have the most healthcare costs, and yet they remain the most uninsured? Implementing United Language Group's Community Engagement Program can help organizations acquire, retain, and support members through their healthcare journey with our specialized program that is designed to support diverse populations. Our team combines qualitative and quantitative data to create program tailored to your community engagement objectives, with the goal of improving health outcomes for hard-to-reach populations.


ULG has laid out a five-phase approach that focuses on using population health research, data, and payer industry information to create a culturally appropriate plan framework. Our dedicated teams gather this information to identify your respective communities and determine important milestones, metrics, and ROI measurements. To ensure the success of the program integration, it is monitored and supported through data collection and feedback.

Our two primary community roles within the program support engagement efforts on many levels:
Community Enrollment & Outreach Specialists Community Health Worker
  • Enrollment awareness & support
  • Community marketing & engagement
  • Plan coverage & benefit education
  • Key community stakeholder partnerships
  • Individualized care coordination
  • Community resource referrals
  • Liaison with clinical teams & individual
  • Health education & preventive care



Revenue 2

Healthier Populations

Healthier Populations 2

Healthcare Costs

Healthcare Costs 2


3:1 return on community engagement investments

Improved health literacy amongst LEP populations

Proven to result in annual cost savings of $2,400 per patient

The lack of language support and cultural competence throughout the patient care process puts LEP populations at a significant disadvantage. Our Community Engagement and Outreach Program tackles this issue head-on with strategic programs to drive your ROI, supported by our bilingual enrollment and outreach specialists. Community engagement provides a solution to growing your member base with language programs that guide community health workers, direct individualized care coordination, and liaise with your clinical teams for better health outcomes. With these initiatives, we can support you in your efforts to reduce readmissions, lower healthcare costs for members and your organization, enhance individualized in-language care, build trust, and improve overall health outcomes in the communities you serve.

Community Engagement Program Helps Health Insurer Enter Diverse New Markets

Learn how a Health Insurer increased limited English proficient (LEP) member acquisition and boosted market engagement and awareness within diverse populations.

Engaged Community

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