Latest Update: March 13, 2020

Our top priority at United Language Group is to our customers and our communities. In response to ongoing concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), United Language Group has put in place several resilience policies, in addition to our robust current business continuity plans, to both protect our community and ensure that we continue to provide world-class language services for our clients:
  • Daily response meetings:  Key execs and business unit leaders are meeting daily to assess any new information from the CDC, WHO and local authorities to stay informed of the current situation and any recommendations from these agencies regarding the Coronavirus.
  • Implemented remote-working policy: ULG has implemented our global remote-working model where appropriate. We have in place a robust technological infrastructure to support remote team members, which allows us to maintain customer support uptime without interruptions.
  • Support and healthcare access for all employees:  Any employee that exhibits any symptoms of Coronavirus has access and coverage to report to medical professionals to diagnose the specific illness and receive appropriate medical attention.
  • Call center resilience & disaster recovery strategy: In the event that a call center is impacted by the virus, ULG will shift volume to one of our six global operational centers. These concurrent operations are scalable to meet client demand in the event of a shutdown of a primary operational center.
  • Business travel restrictions: On Feb 27th, based on an assessment of the World Health Organizations (WHO) status for Coronavirus, ULG restricted all non-essential travel.   As of March 12, all business related travel for ULG has been postponed.
  • Personal travel guidance: As of March 12, all ULG personnel who travel on commercial airlines for personal reasons will need to work remotely for at least 14 days to ensure they do not develop symptoms. 
  • Office cleaning and sterilization: While our main focus is to help limit the communication of Coronavirus where ever possible, we also want the offices for those that are still working from them to be a clean and healthy environment with active measures to ensure they present no risk to our employees working in them. To this end, and in addition to our current cleaning practices, ULG has implemented additional regular cleaning activities, provided hand sanitizer and wipes and enacted an emergency sterilization and cleaning plan should an employee be diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • In-office employee clustering:  on March 2nd ULG initiated office clustering for the work that is required to be physically contained within our global office network.   This creates small team “cells” that  operate physically independently of each other, should one team be exposed to the virus, that team can be placed into effective quarantine to ensure the virus is not exposed to other teams.  
  • Robust globally distributed, high security networking: ULG has a highly secure (HiTrust and ISO 27001:2013) distributed network.  These standards require globally segregated data and multipoint fail-safe regarding network access.   Should one global site or service be required to close, then data traffic can be seamlessly routed securely to alternative data centers.   These certifications are audited and renewed annually in the normal course of our business, and also provide a critical foundation for business continuity in the face of an increased threat from Coronavirus.
United Language group is taking every precaution necessary to ensure that our operations continue to provide excellent language services in the event of continued Global spread of the Coronavirus. If you have any further questions, please contact your ULG representative.
Best Regards,
Kristen Giovanis
Chief Executive Officer
Andrew Klobucar
Director of Marketing & Communications