Community Connect Program

Improve Multilingual Outbound Call Efficiencies

United Language Group created the Community Connect program to reduce the connection time to an interpreter and increase the number of outbound calls in a shorter period of time. Typically, call center agents disconnect and reconnect to an interpreter for each call made to a limited English proficiency (LEP) customer. Having to connect with a different interpreter for each call can be time-consuming and inefficient.

With Community Connect, call center agents can connect to one interpreter and have that same interpreter assist them for up to an hour with customers who speak the same language, which is an average of 6 live calls. This is a unique, innovative improvement to the outbound call process.

Outbound Calling

Benefits of Community Connect

  • Efficient use of an agent’s time
  • A high volume of outbound calls in a shorter period
  • Reduces overall connection time to an interpreter
  • Reduces call handling time by 14%
  • Ability to leave an in-language voicemail, with the call back number as your Direct Connect line. Learn more about our Direct Connect Program for inbound calls. 


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