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Meet the World’s Fastest, Most Flexible Machine Translation Technology

Posted by Deborah Contreras

Lucy is one of ULG’s top performers - she’s fast, intelligent and her output is unmatched. For that reason, she is an ideal partner for our clients.

Here is one of her success stories:

A global industry manufacturer came to us with a challenge: they needed more seamless communication among their global R&D teams and manufacturing community, sharing information in real time and in people’s own language.

We introduced them to Lucy.  Octave MT, powered by Lucy, that is.

The result: Over 57 million words translated at less than .05% the cost of human translation.


So, who is Lucy?

Lucy may not be a living, breathing person, but she is the brainchild of our linguistic scientists and the engine behind our Machine Translation solution OctaveMT.

It took twenty years for developers to fine tune Lucy into what she is today – the smartest machine translation system available. Lucy’s incredibly lightweight software combines traditional statistical and rule-based machine translation with neural machine translation for a unique hybrid engine. So, you get end-to-end processing while maintaining formatting across the entire site, and seamless integration with content repositories.


Lucy gets smarter with every job she does.

OctaveMT, powered by Lucy, gets smarter about your business every day. It feeds on existing translation assets, like Translation Memories (TMs) and multilingual glossaries to pull customized, company or industry-specific jargon correctly. Or if those don’t yet exist, Octave MT can be customized with ULG’s standard databases of industry-specific terminology for 19 industry sectors.

Just like a human, MT has a brain -- known as an engine. Feed it words and phrases, and it learns – processing them in one of two ways: behavior-based or rule-based. Statistical MT, or rule-based engines, help MT understand grammar patterns and sentence structures.

Who doesn’t want a technology that keeps getting better and more efficient the longer it works? With ongoing breakthroughs in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it’s no surprise machines can handle translation challenges so effectively – particularly for content that is non-critical but still so important to your company’s success


There is no man vs. machine

Lucy knows how to collaborate with a team to achieve the best possible translation. Within the OctaveMT platform, there is capability to move the machine translated content to a human translator within the same environment, and it can be customized at the domain and organizational levels.

OctaveMT provides a fluid connection with human linguists who understand the intricacies of localization and can validate the MT outputs without slowing them down. In addition, Lucy mirrors your corporate voice right down to your industry terminology and jargon – in over 40 languages.


Put Lucy to work for you.

Download this free ebook for more information on machine translation, or contact us today about what Lucy can do your business.


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