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GDPR In Full Effect: The New EU Data Regulation Is Here

Posted by United Language Group on May 25, 2018

After a two-year transitional period, the day has finally come – today the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect, forcing companies across the globe to abide by a new set of data privacy regulations.  

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Securing Patient Data: What Your Language Provider Should Know About HIPAA

Posted by United Language Group on April 24, 2018

While HIPAA compliance might complicate your life, the goal of the regulation is really the same as yours: protecting patients. You’re looking out for their physical well-being, while HIPAA is safeguarding their private information.

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Minimizing FCPA Risk Through Effective Translation

Posted by United Language Group on April 9, 2018

Since 1977, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) has been the leading anti-corruption legislation for companies in the U.S. and those that trade on U.S. financial exchanges.

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EU Privacy Shield and GDPR: Working Together To Create Data Security

Posted by United Language Group on March 28, 2018

In recent years, the European Union has introduced various measures to improve data security and protect citizens’ personal information. To this end, the EU Privacy Shield was implemented in 2016, and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to go into effect in May 2018.

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GDPR and Breach Response: Making Sure Your Notification System Is Compliant

Posted by United Language Group on March 22, 2018

With the GDPR deadline rapidly approaching, organizations are taking the final steps toward ensuring compliance for their data security systems.

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Clinical Trials: An Introduction To The ICH E6(R2) Addendum

Posted by United Language Group on March 15, 2018

Scientific and medical advances are often dependent on the results of research involving human subjects. This research requires significant ethical and safety considerations, and clinical trials involving humans are expected to follow guidelines consistent with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

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MDR and Device Labeling: Annex I and UDI Requirements

Posted by Susan Stugelmeyer on March 13, 2018

On May 5, 2017, the European Commission released the new Europe (EU) Medical Device Regulations (MDR) in an effort to create a more unified and transparent system for medical devices.

Topics: Life Sciences, Compliance

What Is HITRUST? A Look At The Common Security Framework

Posted by United Language Group on March 9, 2018

To understand HITRUST, it’s best to temporarily forget everything you know about HIPAA regulations, compliance and audits. Why? Chances are you view HIPAA as a challenge or an obstacle, while HITRUST is intended to be just the opposite.

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