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Tips to Reduce Technical Translations Costs


Technical translations of your content can be daunting and costly if approached the wrong way. A wrongly executed content translation strategy may result in high expenses, inconsistency, and an overall low quality of technical translations - not something you want to happen.

In order to help you adequately overcome this, we have put together a list of 5 crucial tips to bear in mind when you approach your translation efforts, keeping quality and cost at the forefront of your mind.


5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Technical Translations

1. Build a Predefined Glossary

The consistent use of common terms should be added to a predefined glossary. When time is taken to build one, it can be very helpful for translators to use in conjunction with their specialized translation tools.

This living tool should be updated at all times as doing so will result in documentation that doesn't only flourish in consistency, but is also more accurate. Ultimately, providing for an all-around improved experience for the reader.


2. Look Out for Content Volume

When it comes to your content volume - keep it snappy, but precise. The smaller the volume of content, the less cash you're going to have to fork out when it comes to technical translation. Sometimes extra buzz is excellent; however, often, it's unnecessary. Try to keep only what is meaningful and relevant to your topic.


3. Reuse Existing Content

Speaking of content, why not reuse your already existing?

When you seek, you shall find opportunities that allow you to reuse your current content. Examples of this can be found in legal or technical translations. This element screams the importance of consistency in translation.


4. Research all Language Combinations 

Remove all unnecessary abbreviations, jargon, and acronyms that may already be common to your field. Sometimes, it may just not translate well. This is particularly valid if the target language does not use a modification of the Latin alphabet. These elements may spare time when communicating in your native dialect, but they will add confusion and complexity to your translation.


5. Don't Try to Cut Costs on Translations

We know that aiming for the lowest cost out there can be tempting, but you must bear in mind that high-quality work is always going to cost more.

Cheap translation costs may result in low-quality technical translations, and may ultimately turn into a blistering headache later on.

Don't allow people to laugh at your brand, believe us, you don't want to be the next meme out there! Aim for a high-quality technical translation, and strive for peace of mind above all else.


Seek an Expert

At United Language Group, we take great satisfaction in contributing highly professional technical translation services to clients around the world - and we're here to assist you along the way.

Accurate technical translation is your key to the global marketplace. If you want to expand worldwide, our technical translation services open the door.


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