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Takeaways & Trends: What we learned at TAUS 2019

Posted by Deborah Contreras

No matter how much research, investment and experimentation goes into it, translation will never be a perfect science. At this year’s TAUS conference, language industry providers and customers wrestled with topics surrounding the increasing machination of translating content with systems like artificial intelligence and neural machine translation (NMT).

So where are these technologies taking us, and what does that mean for content providers? Here are the key points we gleaned at TAUS.

Key Takeaway: No more “good enough” - successful MT takes the right partner.

Many buyers of language services are still trying to realize what impact machine translation software can bring to their businesses. Some large content providers at TAUS discussed accepting content that is “good enough” and subpar from an MT engine.

With the right partner, all MT translations can be both fast and accurate. Marginal, or inaccurate content shouldn’t be the norm for an organization, but many times, they don’t realize that there are better systems out there. The process of adopting MT to translate external materials or use as an internal communications plugin for employees is made easy with a language solutions partner that is willing to provide guidance and support.


Trend Outlook: The proliferation of cloud-based workflow & production models is accelerating.

The amount of effort, time and resources being poured into advancing MT and NMT is high and will continue to increase. While some content providers are less concerned about translation quality, many businesses that distribute to global markets have high quality standards and are uncompromising on their translation output.

Despite the utopian vision of translation becoming fully automated and error free for every language, we’re a long way from realizing this objective. The language services industry largely remains human-supported with technology drivers; collaborative, smart thinking is what solves the language challenges for customers. While there is no perfect translation, ULG works to strike the ideal balance between machine and man, to deliver content that speaks to global audiences with relevancy and accuracy.

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