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What Makes A Successful Global Brand?

Posted by Jake Schild on September 20, 2019
Apple. Microsoft. Starbucks. It seems that wherever you go, these brands have a strong presence and a large share of the consumer market. Although most companies start out in one country (or, on a micro level, in the founder’s garage), many have expanded to ...

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Conference Connections: ULG to attend 2019 Outsourcing Clinical Trials Conferences in Southern California and New England.

Posted by Deborah Contreras on September 19, 2019
At ULG, we are constantly seeking opportunities to stay ahead of the game and always providing leading language solutions. We partner with companies in more than 8 different industries, with teams  specialized to give to consult and deliver clients tailored ...

6 Major MDR Challenges: How Will They Affect Your Implementation Plan?

Posted by Deborah Contreras on July 15, 2019
The countdown to May 2020 is on. With less than a year until the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) laws are enforced, many manufacturers and healthcare companies are battling a series of implementation challenges that have recently emerged. No matter where ...

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How to Use Machine Translation to Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Posted by Deborah Contreras on July 12, 2019
Imagine there was a key that could unlock the business intelligence to help you get ahead of your competition, maximize sentiment analysis, improve day-to-day communication among your team members and train global teams without losing anything in translation. ...

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Takeaways & Trends: What we learned at TAUS 2019

Posted by Deborah Contreras on July 5, 2019
No matter how much research, investment and experimentation goes into it, translation will never be a perfect science. At this year’s TAUS conference, language industry providers and customers wrestled with topics surrounding the increasing machination of ...

How Companies are Using Machine Translation to Open the Lines of Communication

Posted by Deborah Contreras on June 28, 2019
Whether you have a global workforce or employees that are working outside of their native language, opening the lines of communication can be as simple as a machine translation plugin.   Many companies already utilize the wonders of instantaneous translation ...

Takeaways & Trends: What We Learned at LTIS 2019

Posted by Deborah Contreras on June 27, 2019
 Success in the language services industry isn’t possible without pushing the boundaries of technology.   The Language Technology Industry Summit (LTIS) is a European conference that convenes on multilingual ambient intelligence to explore new developments ...

Who’s behind the world’s fastest, most flexible machine translation technology? Meet Lucy.

Posted by Deborah Contreras on June 26, 2019
Lucy is one of ULG’s top performers - she’s fast, intelligent and her output is unmatched. For that reason, she is an ideal partner for our clients. Here is one of her success stories: A global industry manufacturer came to us with a challenge: they needed ...

Conference Connections: ULG to attend 2019 TAUS Global Content Conference

Posted by Deborah Contreras on June 21, 2019
What is the current landscape of translation technology, and what is to come? How is artificial intelligence transforming global content? What does automation look like for our content supply chains? These are just a few of the questions we are excited to ...

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Nietzsche, Zeppelins and Wagner: English Words Derived from German

Posted by Kenzie Shofner on June 20, 2019
You may have heard that English is classified as a Germanic language. Although English has also borrowed heavily from Latin, Greek, French, and Norse (keeping in line with the patterns of trade and conquest that defined thousands of years of British history), ...

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Takeaways & Trends: What we learned at LocWorld40 2019

Posted by Deborah Contreras on June 19, 2019
Our digital world is changing multilingual communication and the way we localize for global markets. At this year’s LocWorld40 “Go Global, Be Global” conference in Estoril, Portugal we uncovered insights into the dawn of language innovations and new ways to ...

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5 English Idioms That Are Utterly Confusing

Posted by Kenzie Shofner on June 16, 2019
One of the fun parts of learning or translating a language is discovering the idioms that are unique to a region or culture. All languages have those expressions that seem incomprehensible to anyone who isn’t a native speaker, which can be both fascinating ...

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