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Ingeniux Content Management Systems Recognized as a Trendsetter in 2016

Posted by Alexandra Norvet on September 28, 2016

For the second year running, Ingeniux Corporation’s content management systems were recognized in KMWorld’s roundup of Trend-Setting Products of 2016 in the world of knowledge management. Ingeniux is a Seattle-based world leader in digital experience and content management that offers a diverse range of services and tools that always reflect the newest technologies in managing content and web design. This initiative towards constant innovation and development is what has made Ingeniux a stand-out CMS provider in today’s market.

Ingeniux has been an innovator in the field since its founding in 1999. Always working towards scalability and portability, they led the industry in multi-channel management, co-branding as well as web publishing on a large scale. In addition, Ingeniux joins together a commitment to customer-focused, user-friendly CMS with an eye towards global marketing translation. Ingeniux knows what is required to be truly global.

Customer is Key

This recognition in 2016 from KMWorld calls attention to a key component of Ingeniux’s service. KMWorld identified Ingeniux’s attention to global customer experience and engagment as setting a trend amongst content management service providers. Wherever and in whatever language a customer is accessing a site, the experience has to be consistent as well as engaging.

That focus on the customer can be seen in Ingeniux’s holistic digital marketing solutions. Those solutions include user-tracking, which enable personalized marketing based on location, profile and online behavior. They use landing pages, CRM connectors from other platforms, and digital translation to make any company’s online presence intuitive, engaging and sleek everywhere in the world.

The age of computers as well as globalization has made content management, desktop-publishing and its varied, multilingual necessities a non-negotiable factor for any global company’s marketing outreach and business strategy. Ingeniux, with its innovative eye and focus on the global customer experience, understands how important an effective, multilingual CMS is in our modern, digital landscape.

Content for a Global Audience

Placing such an emphasis on customer experience has also shaped how Ingeniux approaches user-friendly web design, making it so that their clients can focus on creating the best content for a global audience instead of the ins and outs of computer coding. Ingeniux’s interfaces allow users to edit their content in the context of a given web page. Users can edit text, move around or add visuals and shift the sizes of windows simply, without going into code.

By working closely in partnership with language service providers, Ingeniux can ensure that in-context editing works across all of a website’s given languages.

When picking out its 2016 list of cutting-edge products, KMWorld valued Inengiux’s commitment to giving clients the freedom to focus on their digital content. That continuous dedication has made Ingeniux a leading content management service provider since its founding.

Content Management Specialists

Ingeniux provides a service designed for the needs of a global business. They offer a comprehensive range of resources that effectively work with and speak to potential customers. The tools it provides makes a business website and its content simple and easy to manage. This simplicity carries over even if a company’s web presence encompasses multiple brands or channels. And this simplicity still applies if a website has to be available in multiple languages.

Any global business has to be accessible around the world, and Ingeniux understands this. Working closely with United Language Group and its digital services, Ingeniux gives their clients the capability to speak to all of its customers, no matter where they are. ULG is proud to call the Ingeniux Corporation a key business partner, and congratulates them on this great honor from KMWorld.

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