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5 Compelling Reasons to Use Machine Translation

Posted by Kenzie Shofner on April 17, 2018

How do you know when machine translation is right for a particular job or for your business? Some translation jobs are better left to human translators. However, machine translation has distinct advantages of its own. With that in mind, here are 5 compelling reasons to use machine translation.


Machine translation is faster.


One of the key advantages of machine translation is speed. A computer program can translate tremendous amounts of content quickly. Human translators, on the other hand, are more accurate but take much longer to complete the same amount of work.


Machine translation is less expensive.



Machine translation is also less expensive than using a human translator. After all, not only is it faster, but computers do not (yet!) require a minimum hourly wage. Professional translators, on the other hand, are experts who deserve to be compensated for their expertise.

The key here is to save that expertise for when it's actually needed. If all you need is a rough translation, machine translation can get you the information you need much more cheaply than a human translator. In fact, our machine translation solutions can save you anywhere from 35% and 98% of the cost of a human translator.


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Machine translation is the only practical solution for sifting through large amounts of data.

For example, in cross-border eDiscovery cases, it's not unusual to have terabytes worth of data to inspect. That's quite literally millions of documents, most of which are likely irrelevant to the case.

Finding enough professional linguists to translate all of these documents is almost impossible. Even if you could hire enough translators, the costs would be staggering. Machine translation makes it possible to sift through the foreign language documents, search for relevant terms, and get the gist of what they're about. Then, only the documents that are pertinent to the case at hand can be sent to human translators.

For more on how machine translation improves the eDiscovery process, see the example use cases here.

Machine translation is also useful when you have large amounts of user-generated content that needs to be translated quickly. For example, machine translation makes it possible to quickly translate and review customer reviews, online comments and social media posts. Human translators can then follow up if necessary.


Machine translation is more secure.

Even the most trustworthy employees can make mistakes. That's why, as a general rule, the more people who have access to a document, the higher the security risks. By reducing the number of humans who have to access sensitive data, machine translation can improve data security.

(One caveat: Free translation platforms, like Google Translate, come with security vulnerabilities of their own! If the documents in question aren't public, don't use a free online service. Instead, work with your language service provider to find a secure machine translation solution. Unlike free machine translation tools, VIA, a United Language Group Company's machine translation solutions are secure, auditable and trackable.)

For more, see 4 Ways Machine Translation Improves Compliance.

Machine translation improves consistency.

Machine translation engines can also be customized with your preferred business terms, improving the consistency of translated documents. The computer program can be trained to use the same term for the same concept every time. This helps keep your company's "voice" intact even when working with multiple linguists and reams of content.

Trying to decide between machine translation or human-powered translation? Why not both?

When you combine the speed and efficiency of machine translation with the expertise of human translators for post-editing, you get the best of both worlds: accuracy and efficiency, for a reasonable price. VIA, a

United Language Group Company's RapidEdit® software-as-service reduces manual resource drain to make the process even more efficient.

Most businesses have no business using the free online version of translation tools like Google Translate. Professional, customized machine translation solutions are faster, and more accurate and secure. For example, VIA, a United Language Group Company, has a proprietary system that increases the speed and efficiency of standard machine translation software. When you need trained human eyes on your project, our expert linguists are there to help. And our award-winning project management process keeps your projects on time and on budget.

Does that sound good to you? If so, feel free to contact us!

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