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Jazlyn Johnson

Jazlyn Johnson
Jazlyn is a marketing and research intern at United Language Group. She assists with search engine optimization, content creation and industry research. She is a junior at Bard College with a joint major in Economics and Mathematics.

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Global Marketing Guides: Morocco

Posted by Jazlyn Johnson on September 29, 2017
Morocco is a prosperous, open country with a low tax rate and a large labor force. A truly global economy, international trade makes up 80% of Morocco’s GDP. Like other highly global economies such as Japan or Brazil, Morocco holds exciting opportunities for ...

Topics: Strategy

Global Marketing Guides: Japan

Posted by Jazlyn Johnson on August 31, 2017
Japan is the third largest economy in the world and is considered a trend-setter amongst the world’s most powerful countries. Its GDP per capita is eight times greater than China’s, which has the largest economy in the world. This powerhouse of a market is an ...

Topics: Global Marketing, Strategy

Mobile App Localization: How to Get Started

Posted by Jazlyn Johnson on July 25, 2017
A study shows that companies with localized apps saw 128% more downloads within just the first week of adding more languages. Global consumers want to use apps that are available in their native language. The global app market is constantly growing meaning ...

Topics: Digital Localization, Global Mobile, Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Baidu: Navigating the Chinese Market

Posted by Jazlyn Johnson on July 12, 2017
If you are trying to expand globally, you should pay close attention to the Chinese market. China has the most Internet users with 731 million. While the opportunities for digital marketing are bigger than almost anywhere in the world, it remains an elusive ...

Topics: Best Practices, Digital Localization, Strategy