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OctaveMT Powered By Lucy: Why We're So Excited About Our New Machine Translation Engine

Posted by Kenzie Shofner on July 26, 2017

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OctaveMT Powered By Lucy: Why We're So Excited About Our New Machine Translation Engine

By United Language Group

This past March, United Language Group (ULG) made a big announcement.

ULG acquired EU-based Lucy Software as part of our strategic growth plan and technology development roadmap for 2017. Lucy is a tech-focused Language Services Provider (LSP) that specializes in SAP localization projects and MT systems for some of the largest global brands.

And just recently, the first major accomplishment tied to the merger has been announced with our release of OctaveMT powered by Lucy, a robust MT system that adds security, scalability, and more features and capabilities to ULG’s MT offerings.

Everyone at ULG is excited about our new MT software; so much so that we think it will transform the way companies do international business. Here’s why.

Security – Helping Regulated Industries Maintain Compliance

OctaveMT powered by Lucy is different than free, online MT tools in that it doesn’t store user translation content, which could leave end users vulnerable to breaches, or to unintended use of their data. Read Google’s terms of service and you’ll find that the tech giant has more leeway with your information than you think.

Data security and preventing breaches is a major concern for more than just IT departments and legal teams that support global companies. Anything sensitive at all – including email conversations, chats, internal memos, tax information, claims and patient data, needs to be handled carefully when it comes to MT.

ULG’s new MT software was designed for the needs of users in the legal, life sciences, insurance and IT industries, helping them to maintain confidentiality and HIPAA compliance by utilizing 256-bit SSL encryption and erasing their translation data once it’s been put through the system.

Corporate Lexicon and MS Office Add-ons

OctaveMT powered by Lucy is a subscription-based, tiered product, with options available for users with a variety of requirements. One of the system’s greatest assets is its ability to be tailored to users’ specific needs.

OctaveMT might be especially advantageous for those who have worked with LSPs in the past and have existing translation assets, like Translation Memories (TMs) and multilingual glossaries; these assets can be integrated into the engine to pull the customized, company and/or industry-specific jargon correctly, supported across 20 language directions. For users without translation assets, OctaveMT can be customized with ULG’s standard databases of industry-specific terminology for 19 industry sectors.

OctaveMT offers MS Office translation plugins for Microsoft Windows 7 and above, as well, allowing users to easily and efficiently translate Outlook emails and Word documents.

Lightweight and Flexible

The beauty of OctaveMT is that, even though it’s loaded with features, it’s lightweight and low-impact, distinguishing itself from other larger MT systems that take up a large amount of bandwidth. The application can either be hosted on ULG’s secure server or a corporate intranet, and can be fully integrated into SAP software, users’ CMS, LMS or other systems.

The application will be a welcome resource to international users: No confidentiality issues, easy API integration and the capabilities of an extremely robust piece of software without the server weight.

Transforming Global Business, One Word at a Time

The release of OctaveMT powered by Lucy represents the first (of many) major accomplishments following our acquisition of Lucy Software. The Lucy engineers and computational linguists have poured almost 20 years of work into this MT engine and we’re extremely excited to share the fruits of their labor with our clients.

Since the inception of ULG in June of 2016, we’ve had one goal: to transform and disrupt the localization industry in ways that would create an unlimited amount of flexibility and potential for our customers around the world.

Our two acquisitions and the release of three major proprietary applications in just over a year showcase what can be accomplished with a tirelessly dedicated, capable and innovative team. Just this month, Common Sense Advisory recognized us as the 19th largest Language Services provider in the world.

The pace at ULG has been breakneck over the last 13 months, and we have no intentions of stopping any time soon. At ULG, we’re transforming global business, one word at a time.


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