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Interview with a translation project manager – Rama Talwalkar

Posted by Kenzie Shofner on September 13, 2016

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Interview with a translation project manager – Rama Talwalkar

By United Language Group

Join us in getting to know translation project manager Rama Talwalkar.

Tell us about your background and what led you to becoming a localization project manager.

I grew up in India where everyone is at least bi-lingual if not multilingual. I eventually decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in French with the goal of becoming a translator. However, moving to the US changed things for me and I had to look for alternate career options.

Project Management seemed like a natural choice for someone like me who wanted to pursue a career in languages and localization. I started at VIA as a Sales Assistant, but quickly moved to the Client Service Provider team as my true calling was project management.

What types of services do you provide as translation project manager?

As a Project Manager, I am closely involved with my customers and am responsible for the overall project execution and success. I’m often the first point of contact for all my client’s questions and needs, so I do my best to ensure that I address their needs in a timely manner.

What value does a well-rounded translation team provide?

A well-rounded translation team caters to the client’s project needs but also anticipates issues, warns the client of risks and shares best practices to meet the client’s goals. Our client’s appreciate that we think outside of the box and they can come to us for all localization related issues or questions.

What is one trend that you’re seeing in the industry that you think translation customers should be aware of and why? Or, what is one tip you frequently tell your translation clients?

I work mostly on e-learning localization projects and mainly for NAVEX Global, one of VIA’s largest customers. One of the things we constantly promoted within NAVEX is the value we bring to them as a full service translation & localization partner. We have partnered very closely with their technical teams to come up with workable solutions to their day-to-day issues; the collaborative effort goes a long way in strengthening our relationship.

What is your ideal day outside of the office?

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking or baking, and spending time in the outdoors.


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