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United Language Group Launches Health Equity Phone Line for Non-English Speakers

March 24, 2021

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – United Language Group (ULG), a global language services provider, recently launched their new First-Touch Language programs that directly provide equitable access to healthcare for those with limited English proficiency (LEP). 

 “LEP populations will typically call to schedule an appointment and then get an English speaking agent. Very often, the call results in a hang-up,” says Dr. Abigail Katz, Director of Health Outcomes Solutions at United Language Group. We saw this happening over-and-over and decided to change the way language services are provided in healthcare” said Katz. 

ULG is not only assisting in providing access to healthcare but they’re working with health insurance companies and health systems to decrease healthcare costs. “Our clients not only see more people get the help they need, they’re seeing 30% decreases in overall healthcare costs through process improvement and workflow efficiencies” said Kristen Giovanis, CEO of United Language Group. “The consumer is given a special phone number that connects them to an interpreter in their native language, then our interpreters will connect them to their healthcare provider or payer - integrating a once ignored population into the system.” 

United Language Group’s Direct Connect program is one of many new solutions with the goal of providing a positive experience, generating an optimal health outcome and lower overall healthcare costs.  


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United Language Group is one of the world’s largest and most innovative Language Service providers in the worldServing thousands of clients across hundreds of countries, ULG’s mission is to create a world in which language is no longer a barrier.  


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