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ULG Named a Lead Partner at SlatorCon 2022 Conference

April 4, 2022


ULG CEO presented strategic insights and actionable ideas that drive outcomes beyond words alone


ULG recently attended SlatorCon Remote Conference as a lead partner. This premier event featured an agenda full of developments in the translation and language technology markets, high growth client verticals, and best practices from the language industry’s business leaders. We made some great connections and generated excitement around our solutions and services!

ULG is in the top 20 on the Slator 2022 Language Service Provider Index (LSPI) and CEO Nic McMahon shared strategic insights and actionable ideas from our work with leading organizations around the world during Session II (Americas and Europe) of the conference.

“As global marketplaces grow increasingly competitive and AI becomes more prominent, there is an extraordinary opportunity to drive value beyond words alone and realize our true potential as an industry,” said McMahon. “In this presentation we emphasized the need to evolve beyond providing language services alone to focus on the outcomes that technology, language, and culture can enable.”

In addition to McMahon’s presentation, attendees had an opportunity to learn about ULG’s ability to drive measurable improvements for our clients in the healthcare, insurance, and manufacturing industries. We are ecstatic to have had the opportunity to share our industry knowledge and expertise at SlatorCon 2022!

You can learn more in McMahon’s contributed article for SlatorCon, Driving Outcomes Beyond Words Alone, here, or visit SlatorCon’s website to read their article, How ULG Transitioned to Outcome-Driven Language Solutions.

We invite you to watch McMahon’s portion of the conference, “Driving Outcomes Beyond Words Alone” and the full SlatorCon Remote March 2022 event, on demand here.



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